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A medieval painting portraying the flaws of twitter and the users eventual flight to Mastodon, turning their tweets into toots.

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Social democrats trying to find solutions to capitalism's inherent contradictions.

"Without a guiding organization, the energy of the masses would dissipate like steam not enclosed in a piston-box. But nevertheless what moves things is not the piston or the box, but the steam."

i bet if i looked at the code of dwarf fortress i would die instantly

Seeing a lot of non-CWed porn right now, assuming its from newcomers, just like, please CW that stuff? I think the CW system is an ideal compromise on the whole porn question, it just needs a little bit of buy in from users.

I'd love to get involved in the new directory/popularity rank drama, but after the bofa and Lauralei drama, I'm a bit drama-ed out until at least New Years.

After a lot of work, I submitted a final report that was 69 pages. Nice.

[at Mastodon Open Mic Comedy Night]

These memes come at you pretty fast, don't they folks? I'm so out of touch, I thought Coochie Seal was a chastity device.

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I'm coming to Mastodon again for a bit, had too dumb of an argument on twitter, so I need a break.

I talked to my sibling. I am not fond of this.

— Cadap Nenifensast, Human Bowman

It’s Inauguration Day 2031. Chief Justice Rich Lather begins the swearing in ceremony by having me place my hand on a copy of Geohell and repeat the oath: “Is this guy bothering you?” *jerks thumb at outgoing president*

A room of 50 engineers working on 36 computers, this is hell.

Has studying engineering been the longest, most boring form of self harm? What this therapist says might surprise you...

Entering hour four of group work. There is no end in sight. I pray for a death I know will not be merciful enough to come.

Pro-tip: The polite, professional way to say "What the fuck are you doing?" is "I'm not sure I quite follow what you're doing, could you elaborate?"

Instead of banning the porn, Tumblr should just spin those blogs off into a side brand called Fumblr.

With tumblr banning porn, where will I find my most shameful pornography?

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