Hiya folks, After chatting with @bgcarlisle, I’ve started moving to @thebestsophist as my primary account.
I’ll be honest, I’m still not sure because he is new to me and the CoC needs updating. But he’s been adamant about creating an inclusive space and has been receptive+appreciative to our suggested updates to the CoC. So I’m willing to take a leap of faith.

See y’all there ❤️

There is a huge google phishing email going about rn. It’s a real app that will ask for google access, so if you get hit, 2FA won’t protect you, be careful. motherboard.vice.com/en_us/art

Uuuhhhh…anyone else paying attention to what’s happening at American University?

Tempted to write a short blog post about the whole hypatia thing.

Tempted to use a smaller instance for my main account instead of staying here.

Thing I think about a lot: People respond to what they’re hearing in conversations too quickly. How do we slow that down? In meetings I build in explicit time for reflection, but in open conversation that doesn’t really happen when it should.


I research, write, and give talks on deliberative democracy and exploring the question “How do we build a society that takes care of all who live in its communities?”

I write a weekly newsletter about building a global movement for inclusive and decolonial, collective liberation at tinyletter.com/thebestsophist

You can help fund my research and writing at patreon.com/thebestsophist

Feeling a bit wistful because an internet friend is taking a 2-week vacation in Taiwan and posting amazing photos so I’m gonna put this Taiwanese flash mob chorus on repeat youtu.be/bbqY1P6KJmI

*starts searching how to migrate from mendeley to zotero*
1 Find git repo.
Me: yay!
2 “This even preserves all your pdf notes!”
Me: 💪🏽💃🏻
3 “Step 1: Start R.”
Me: 😭😭😭

Benjamin Barber, most famously author of Jihad vs. McWorld died this week. This week’s letter is going to be on what he got right and what he got wrong about tribalism vs capitalism.

Less a refutation and more of an evolution of his ideas around global democracy and participatory civics.


Sometimes I stop to think about the 太平天國運動 and just pause to think wtf christian missionaries.

Done with the last meetup/conference tallk/workshop where I am a presenter until June. I enjoyed each one for a different reason, today I got to seriously nerd out in depth with a bunch of people who work in open government and civic organizing about the history of deliberative democracy in Taiwan.

I am a happy enby.

And I realize that a lot of his writing that gets shared around are from talks—which have their own convention I have a hard time with giving proper credit to all the ideas in my talks as well. And I appreciate that he synthesizes rather than repeats without attribution. He doesn’t steal work, he adds to it. He cites where he remembers. But I donno, a person who built and manages one of the best tools for recording and remembering our sources should be better at citing his?

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Unpopular opinion: While I appreciate that Maciej Ceglowski thinks pretty deeply about a lot of issues about the culture of tech, I feel like he overgeneralizes and glosses over the intricacies of other fields too often. And he tends to get a lot of (due) positive attention for things women of color have been saying and ignored for but doesn’t give enough credit.

The latter is just as much of a problem of culture as not having good ways to cite people, though.

I’m gonna do the gentlest dive into anthropology and evolutionary theory to ask:

WTF is the point of society?

And use that to think about , “politicizing science”, and what an inclusive movement for science looks like.

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omg. I’ve been writing my weekly tinyletter for six months.

Averaging about 2,200 words per week, that’s about 57,200 words going through philosophy, political science, anthropology, sociology, statistics, intersectional feminism, global social theory, and decoloniality. All to pathfind towards a more inclusive society and a civics of love and joy.

tbh, I’m humbled that folks keep reading and engaging with it.

But this week’s letter is gonna be a good one: tinyletter.com/thebestsophist

Two ideas I am holding space for today:
1. The way the Science March is being organized is endemic to a culture of colonization and anathema to inclusion.
2. I enjoy seeing friends from around the world posting pictures of their marches, and I had a random conversation on the Metro with a woman who is working on open government research data and that was totes cool.

70% of my instagram feed is filled with friends at various science marches around the world.

I have good friends.

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