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im def not gonna move from but........ i might make another masto account because i NEED the username hornyrights

Your name is COTTON EYEJOE, and you SHOULD'VE BEEN HERE A LONG TIME AGO. Where'd you come from? Unknown. Where'd you go? Also unknown. You're an Anonblood and SPEAK AS SHARP AS A FIDDLE, Y'ALL HEAR?

Your name is Cotton Eyejoe, and you love to FUCK. You are a purpleblood, and your hobbies include leaving your previous mates to be culled by the drones. You also enjoy causing trouble, and then dissapearing. You think you were supposed to get married at one point, but you aren't certain. Your god tier is LORD OF VOID.

Your name is Bassic Bitche and you're a SKYBLOOD. What is that? You don't know! It just sounded cool. You're a PRINCESS (the female version of a Prince <3) OF LIFE and you taLK liKE yoURE veRY excITED aLL thE tiME!!!

Your name is MINED CRAFFT, and you are LIMEBLOOD. Or a rainbow blood, colours are fake anyways. You like to FUCK MOTHERS, and your god tier is MAGE OF BREATH. YOU TAlK lIKE THIS AND EVERYBODY HATES IT. Your ancestors name is Peepee Poopoo.

It's 🍆⛄️🎄DICKcember 🎄⛄️🍆and you 👉😏👉 know what that means 🙌😨‼️It's HOEliday season 🎄❄️and Santa🎅 is cumming 😩💦💦 to town 🏠🏢 and bringing 🎁presents🎁to all the good children 🧒👦👧, but if you've been a naughty 👎🚫❌ hoe 💋💦💦 you ain't getting any 🍆💦CUMMIES🍌💦 this year! Rudolph the 🔴red🔴 DICK🍆😍💦 SLUTdeer is ⏳waiting⌛️ to 💡light💡up the way to 🎅Santa's🎅 sexshop 🏩 where all you ho-😺ho-😸HOES 😽can get 💋naughty💋! 😜🍆💦💦

y'all: worms!!! pussy!!!! coochie!!! crinkle!!!! kins!!! komaeda!!!!
me, who has no clue whats goin on ever but loves u and supports u:

me: is sad
my crush: acknowledges me for 2 minutes
me: depression who??? Anxiety who?? i'm fucking amazing!!!!! :yell: :yell: :yell:


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