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eszter 🌈

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hi i'm eszter, linguist and comic creator
28 yo nb lesbian
i live in denmark and i'm happily engaged to kath

i write and draw - historical romance in an 18th c brazilian convent
i co-write - about small community witches, disability and growth


plus some more short comics in the making.

i also draw things:

*excited, friendly* Come Get Fucked Up!

best friend nuns are back discussing some more fictional convent politics while gardening! 🌈 πŸ“ 🍊 πŸ‹ πŸ₯‘ πŸ’§ πŸ‡

it's a 2 page update, don't forget to click through! link to first page of the update:

An unexpected bill has come up and I am in serious need of commission work. If you were thinking about it before, now's your chance!

I have a status board that I update as I work, so you can see where I am with your commission :>

good bakers: i will arrange the very firmaments of heaven as i please

BROADSIDE update! In which, the pirate captain and new girl put aside their differences to share a dance...?

#webcomics #pirates #queercomics #wlw #comics

making that good good pljeskavica for kath for their birthday ^^

a reminder for anybody who needs it right now:

the absence of something good doesn't automatically equal the presence of its opposite. be kind to yourself.

okay okay i set up a more manageable work schedule for myself for the planetside comic. pencil 2 pages a day, be done with them by friday, also i'll finish toning the unconvent pages today, update patreon and update the comic tomorrow.
*deep breath* i can do this and then have a free evening with @kathinka bc it's their birthday today :>

✨ commission me to draw your d&d character! commission me to draw your friend's d&d character! commission me to draw a d&d character from a podcast you like! just commission me! ✨

shoot me an email at kayleerowena[@] if you're interested! & please boost this to spread the word!

last of the cat series, the storefront of 9 loaves 🐱 🍞 ✨

#art #mastoart #creativetoot #gif #animation #cats

trying to get a little more chill with the toning in a way that also looks good...?? getting there?? maybe??

he blep

bc i couldn't stop myself from drawing fanart, anyway, if you love an intriguing premise combined with wonderful art, please read

Good morning! Reminder: You can do good things & make good things, but if you don't end up doing much today, you're still an amazing person.

Commission-info! Want me to draw your D&D-character? Or pretty much anything else?

Not setting a hard limit on these right now, but be aware that there might be a wait-list.

Email: €-prices are estimates based on current exchange-rate.

i was right. next up is Galanthus... so many webcomics to catch up on......

I'm going to tentatively open two slots for $40USD Lined/Shaded Headshot commissions! These can be either human, animal, furry, whatever! To register your interest, please fill out this form. I'll be closing the form once I've filled the slots - but I may open up again later. Samples below~
#commissions #creativetoots #mastoart #art


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