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(sry, let's try this again..)

want to read a 10-page, full-colour fantasy comic about a snarky thief and an exasperated librarian? read chapter 1 of my comic! i'm super excited about it! it's up on gumroad for free! >

Resolved the lines on that sketch and did a quick and mega sloppy color comp. gonna try and watercolor it come November!

things have been happening, i failed 90% of my rolls and apart from rΓ©my almost killing his own friends he also got messed up real bad haha. enjoy and happy rΓ©minktober :D

Some #inktober doodles! I've been okay at keeping up with it, bad at posting. :D

CW crying blood

i accidentally did an ... enjoy corrupt!rΓ©my everyone and hope with me that we'll never get there :>

(2/2) This hand is only possible when wildcards are in play. The Joker is also referred to as... a bug ✨

(1/2) The highest hand in a game of poker is a 5 of a kind in aces. ♣♦♠β™₯

and now, my specialty. monochrome steamy makeouts.

and also a timelapse bc i did this one in procreate so why not

and clichΓ© spin on the gang 2/2 - min-jun and rΓ©my (previously known to some of you as leon, things have happened since. his name is actually rΓ©my.)

πŸ’– I have some pretty pricey business expenses this month! If anyone's interested in helping take the edge off, I set a goal on KO-FI:

Or consider buying from my personal shops:




So if you haven't read by @froregade you're missing out.... this is a guest illustration I did for her comic last year! I love this comic and her girls and so should you!!

There's a KS for Volume 2 on RIGHT NOW! Ending Aug 15, get on it!!

also hi excuse me, may i

*slides drawing across table shyly*

may i implore you to look at my oracle child being loved and happy

Look it’s another page of my webcomic, Blanco. I’m sharing pages again bc I’ve been hella busy and it’s the only thing I’ve been making that I CAN share. I won’t spam my link at y’all again, but it’s in my profile if you ever wanna read it!

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