"I have figured out why you live in this isolated cottage," the witch's apprentice said.
"Do tell."
"It's because people are horrible!"
"Some are," the witch said. "Some people are lovely."
The witch thought. "Well. When I say people, I mostly mean cats."

it's that time of the year again where i draw the gang. first two of 6, bc i'll include the world's okayest boss, too, this time.

i drew the DSW main cast in my own clothes and it was tons of fun!!!

my webcomic: deadscholarscomic.com

Obelisk updated with 3 new pages for Patrons last week! patreon.com/obelisk

Main site will update with the full end of the chapter in the coming weeks~

i drew this today and i'm ridiculously pleased with it so please look at these dinguses. enemies to reluctant business partners to snooze friends.

misery loves company i guess but maybe creation and inspiration can love community

Resolved the lines on that sketch and did a quick and mega sloppy color comp. gonna try and watercolor it come November!

things have been happening, i failed 90% of my rolls and apart from rΓ©my almost killing his own friends he also got messed up real bad haha. enjoy and happy rΓ©minktober :D

CW crying blood

i accidentally did an ... enjoy corrupt!rΓ©my everyone and hope with me that we'll never get there :>

(2/2) This hand is only possible when wildcards are in play. The Joker is also referred to as... a bug ✨

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