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(sry, let's try this again..)

want to read a 10-page, full-colour fantasy comic about a snarky thief and an exasperated librarian? read chapter 1 of my comic! i'm super excited about it! it's up on gumroad for free! >

it's that time of the year again where i draw the gang. first two of 6, bc i'll include the world's okayest boss, too, this time.

i drew the DSW main cast in my own clothes and it was tons of fun!!!

my webcomic:

Obelisk updated with 3 new pages for Patrons last week!

Main site will update with the full end of the chapter in the coming weeks~

Gonna be nursing this all of December!

Thank you to those already who threw some change at this. Support means so much right now, I appreciate every bit of it!

i drew this today and i'm ridiculously pleased with it so please look at these dinguses. enemies to reluctant business partners to snooze friends.

misery loves company i guess but maybe creation and inspiration can love community

Resolved the lines on that sketch and did a quick and mega sloppy color comp. gonna try and watercolor it come November!

things have been happening, i failed 90% of my rolls and apart from rΓ©my almost killing his own friends he also got messed up real bad haha. enjoy and happy rΓ©minktober :D

CW crying blood

i accidentally did an ... enjoy corrupt!rΓ©my everyone and hope with me that we'll never get there :>

(2/2) This hand is only possible when wildcards are in play. The Joker is also referred to as... a bug ✨

and now, my specialty. monochrome steamy makeouts.

and also a timelapse bc i did this one in procreate so why not

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