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ern ๐ŸŒˆ @thecojsz

hey hey mastodanes! (danish ppl on mastodon, that is)

i'm a person living in denmark trying to learn danish, but have been stuck in a bit of a rut with that lately.

soooo my question is: is there anybody out there who'd be interested in having fun, danish-only convos with me on a weekly basis? i'm open for tandem as well, can offer german, italian or hungarian!

@thecojsz - How did you think it should be done? meeting in person or some kind of voip?

@Katharsisdrill tbh i figured i'd just talk details with sb if they're interested :) my preference would be in person tho tbh, bc i already have a really hard time understanding danish, so i don't need some bad line quality and lack of body language on top :D

@thecojsz - I live in Copenhagen... I guess that is the first thing that has to be resolved. A bit hard if you are elsewhere :)


I'm in Nรฆstved, ...

Also: Can you follow us if we drop out of English?
I'm afraid I'm a bit opinionated about the use of other languages than the target language when you're trying to learn.

And: I have reasonable recording equipment. I would be willing to record occasional readings of public domain or creative commons texts that you already understand (i.e. from their English, German et.c counterparts)

@JensE thanks for replying! i'm really just looking for a tandem partner, say sb who wants to hone their german/italian/(hungarian??) skills and then we'd talk 45 min exclusively in danish and the next 45 in the other language like once a week.

truth is, i have some danish friends and my partner is danish too, but it's really hard to get into the habit with them and it's also less embarrassing how bad my danish is w/ ppl who don't know me :)