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and clichΓ© spin on the gang 2/2 - min-jun and rΓ©my (previously known to some of you as leon, things have happened since. his name is actually rΓ©my.)

πŸ’– I have some pretty pricey business expenses this month! If anyone's interested in helping take the edge off, I set a goal on KO-FI:

Or consider buying from my personal shops:




So if you haven't read by @froregade you're missing out.... this is a guest illustration I did for her comic last year! I love this comic and her girls and so should you!!

There's a KS for Volume 2 on RIGHT NOW! Ending Aug 15, get on it!!

also hi excuse me, may i

*slides drawing across table shyly*

may i implore you to look at my oracle child being loved and happy

Look it’s another page of my webcomic, Blanco. I’m sharing pages again bc I’ve been hella busy and it’s the only thing I’ve been making that I CAN share. I won’t spam my link at y’all again, but it’s in my profile if you ever wanna read it!

i'm between day jobs so i'm open for commissions!

i currently have 2 slots open. the prices below are guidelines based on how much time and work i poured into these illustrations, we'll agree on a price when i know what you want me to draw :)

boosts are greatly appreciated!!

In case you're unfamiliar, I make a gothic horror/queer romance comic called Obelisk! It's currently on hiatus, set to return September 5th!

Set in 1908 New York, Obelisk follows Evelyn Reuter as she digs into her late father's secrets and comes up with more questions than answers. They lead her to Margot - an eccentric curio shop owner who seems to have secrets of her own.

Evelyn πŸŽ€βœ¨

Obelisk returns on September 5th! There'll be some very cool guest art & bonus content in the meantime, too - it's a great time to catch up or start reading~

Tomorrow is my birthday, which you should celebrate by reading my very good webcomic!

Alternately, just draw a handsome lady. Maybe two. Maybe have them smooch? You will not regret it!

NSFW steamy makeouts wandering hands 

Hey, I can finally share my piece from The Webcomic Almanac! Obelisk is a queer gothic horror/romance webcomic that you can read right over here: πŸ’–

Been drawing lots of our urban shadows kids lately!! Ignoring their current dangerous campaign predicament in favor of cute kigurumis...

finally i can post this one. it kiiiiinda paints him cooler than he actually is, but here he is nonetheless, in his entire tortured oracle glory

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