If you have the ability to take time off of work and do literally nothing useful for two weeks, I highly recommend it. 10/10

A little combo of everything in this one, trying to figure out what 16:9 feels like, how I might emphasize front vs. backup characters, active character, etc.

Top leaves room for turn order. Hard to say if I want that in the game. Lots of room for enemies and status messages. Who knows what the action menus will look like.

Fumbled in Aesprite enough that I can say I know how to move/resize things around and do a tiny bit of drawing.

(not my original sprites, obv.)

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@thecubemiser this is probably a better idea than coding at the moment because it might inform the design.

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A while back I saved a bunch of images from gamuidatabase.com to serve as inspiration, even though *most* of my inspiration will be from SNES rpgs. It's a great resource anyway!

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Think I might spend some time tonight doing some UI mockup for my jrpg idea. Because diving back into rpgmaker Javascript plugins (as a generally non-programmer person) is a bit daunting and will take multiple evenings/days to really re-learn where I left things off at.

While I'm at it, I should start using aesprite more instead of paint.net so I get used to its palette and layer system.

One of these days, if I find time in between work, learning to play drums, learning how to edit audio and video, watching movies and TV, and being on social media, I'm totally going to make a 16-bit style RPG. It's just going to take me another 20 years, probably?


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