Free internet to 20 lakh BPL homes by December 2020, because the High court of Kerala stated Right to internet as a fundamental right.

The government that moves along the changing line of action. The government that promotes progressive thinking and development.

This verdict will set a horrible precedent. Now the powerful majority will feel that they can get away with anything and so they won't hesitate from using violence and extremism.

🔹️Forcible placing of idols was violation of law

🔸️Demolition of mosque was violation of law

🔹️No evidence that the temple under was a Hindu temple

🔸️But disputed land goes to Hindus, while Muslims to get alternate land

Justice 🚩

Indians who hate Pakistan and Partition needs to understand that you just proved Jinnah right today.

If = Victory of Shri Ram
Then Sabarimala = Victory of Lord Ayyappa
Swami Sharanam🙏🏽

Now that this is over,
Heard the government released the farmer suicides data. What does the government propose to "not do" about it?

Kashmir ✔️
Ram Mandir ✔️
And a whole bunch of other disastrous policies and actions.

Now where my "Ache din" at?


1983 : Nellie Massacre
1984 : Sikh Genocide
1986 : Shah Bano
1986 : Ayodhya locks opened
1987-88 : Ramayan on Doordarshan

Those 5 Years changed the entire social fabric of India. History will look back these 5 years as the Dark Ages.


Whatever happens, no God would want disruption of peace. Let's keep it that way.

Long reading of judgment reminds me of what a litigant said, clients are interested in orders, not the judgment

Breaking: is not a legal personality but the deity is a juridical person: SC

the verdict was given long ago when the people/organisations responsible for the demolition of the mosque and the religious violence and genocide that followed became prime ministers and held other lofty state positions and were welcomed as heroes in the mainstream instead of being put in jail for their crimes against society.

"Masjid dha de,
mandir dha de,
Dha de jo kucch dainda ,
Par kisi da dil na dhaain,
Dil wich Rab Rainda"

Baba Bulley Shah

Many people are expressing sadness over the fact that schools in some states are closed today.
It's been 3 months since Kashmiri children went to school.

I don't want to say much about tomorrow's judgment, but I do want to make one point. The case being decided tomorrow is a land dispute that was instituted decades ago, and pre-dates 1992. Tomorrow's verdict is not and cannot be an endorsement of what happened in 1992, no matter how much some people want to portray it that way. It's a ruling on a land dispute.

I think we do ourselves an equal disservice if we follow this pattern of escalation and make it out to be about something that it's not.

Going to bed with regret.
Waking up late with regret.
I should start taking pride in regretting. That's one thing that I do well

Swami Nityanand says : Women tweeting on masterbation increases their follower count.

What is the best thing to do to maintain peace on the day of ???

Just ban all lapdog Media channels and ban WhatsApp/Facebook/Twitter and all communication for few days..

If they can do in Kashmir then why not in mainland India???

I'm here, I'm queer and I'm commie. Also, I'm an undergrad majoring in History. I translate sometimes. I love doggos.

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