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Hello Tooters!
I am Thedal, Research Scholar working on Thermal and Fluid Sciences. I was mostly a spectator at . Hope algorithm will enhance my social media life.

Likes to talk about Science, Politics, Philosophy, Reason.

Puns and Sarcasm loaded.

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want to see something, if you are a muslim woman, have you ever been explicitly debarred from entering a mosque? bonus if the mosque is in

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Earlier they used Manusmriti to deny education , soon they will use the constitution

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@Saikatd very well said Saikat. We need to stop building idols, heroes and temples here. Every voice important as long as it is respectful.

Let’s all follow each other and destroy the edifice of high followership just as the elitist blue tick has been rendered useless here.

People who make sense and have valuable/ quality opinions to share will stand out no matter what

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Why did we start moving from the #Birdsite is now well knoan. But what can we do to make #mastodon better and not repeat the mistakes of #birdsite. Some thoughts in a #thread

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I've been a journalist for a little over two years now. Four months into my career, I experienced the delight of being sued for defamation by a corporate giant, disowned by my organisation, and eventually pushed out. I have been independent since then.

Thankfully, I was able to find a reasonable arrangement as a freelancer that has made it easier than it could have been.

The offending article can be read here


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@Meerarizvi , to land everybody in confusion muslims should build a ram mandir at the 5 acre land given by SC,,, this will be such a shocking twist to all hindus, especially modi-shah

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I am a feminist- mere believer & pursuer of equality and respect FOR ALL. Nothing less and nothing more.
My key interests are gender and development. I spend most of my time loitering, listening to stories, reflecting and writing..
P.S: I am also a social media novice belonging to Gen Y (!!) who will require some boost to figure out this platform.

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How do you know you're being effective? Twitter suspends you while you sleep after spending a couple hours using your platform to highlight the CIA coup in Bolivia.

This is Sister Outsider. I will not be silenced.

I am Anti-Imperialism, Anti-Colonialism, Anti-Identity Politics, Anti-Capitalism.

I am a Socialist. I am a Feminist, that truly understands Intersectionality as only someone that lives it daily can.

Hello, Mastodon. A new player has joined the fight! #introductions #introduction

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No problem when BJP spends

- 5000cr on Advertisement
- 191cr for CM's jet
- 600 cr for Gaushalas
- 140cr for Yoga day
- 3000cr for statue
- Lakhs on Showering Petals

But media very concerned about Tax Payer money when it comes to JNU students.

Source - @Nehr_who

@sanddollar Welcome to .
Use tags to introduce yourselves and find like minded people.

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"Please maintain peace" the rioter said. Searing poem by Aamir Aziz, the one you remember from the Ballad of Pehlu Khan.
#AyodhyaJudgment #AYODHYAVERDICT #India

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My experience of getting harassed and how Mastadon dealt with it brought up some insights.

1. I joined Mastadon yesterday, a network that presents an alternative to toxic social platforms.

Rest in the pictures below 2-5.

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In #mastodon கான்வோ

யோவ் யார்யா நீ இடைல வந்து பேசுற,
யாராயிருந்தா என்ன பேசுயா🕺

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I was 8 years old when the mosque fell. My uncle had gone for the kar sewa. I went to a fancy school in Lucknow. It was the only time when unexpected holidays were not a happy occasion. There was uncertainty because we didn’t know when would school re-open.

We had many Muslim classmates and we are all friends with each other. Religion never, never came in the way. This was Lucknow. But now there was an awkwardness in the air. I can’t forget the name of the Bengali class teacher, Mrs Sen.

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A little reminder, I'm just one person who is working on this platform, I do not have a team or big resources.

I'm doing the best I can and I learn a lot along the way! 💪 I'm just a simple tech guy with a simple laptop trying to give you all a nice digital home 😉 We will get there but unfortunately I don't have the same resources as platforms like #Twitter

I am very sorry for the lag and the somewhat longer waits, it will be fixed soon. Promise! ❤️

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I like to clarify why we don’t have a verification system like the #birdsite with the blue thingy next to your name.

On the #fediverse or at least #Mastodon we all are equal. No person is ‘higher in ranks’ or better than everyone else, our point is exactly the opposite. We want equality right?

We have plenty of methods to prove who you are on other platforms, we don’t need a badge for that 😉 Ofcourse you can use it however you like but this would be the reason, I’ll hope you’ll understand

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As promised, code of conduct has been updated to add "casteism and advocation of casteism" to the list of explicitly prohibited offenses

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ATTENTION! Yesterday I informed some people about some Instances that could have been more interesting for indian users. One on those Instances was

As you can see here: todat the admin of declared that he will not moderate hate speech.

Having known this before I wouldn't have suggest it, sorry 😒

#india #inditoot #instructions

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