Hello Tooters!
I am Thedal, Research Scholar working on Thermal and Fluid Sciences. I was mostly a spectator at . Hope algorithm will enhance my social media life.

Likes to talk about Science, Politics, Philosophy, Reason.

Puns and Sarcasm loaded.

@thedal Welcome to free and decentralized social media. Happy tooting. You can use and to increase your reach.

@goofysufi Chronological order is also an algorithm right?

@thedal I don't know so much math or coding. For me, an algorithm is a nefarious thing that shows content based on my past actions :(

@thedal That’s a kickass profile Thedal! Welcome to Mastodon and you’ll definitely enjoy your stay here unlike on the hateful Birdsite!

@thedal Minus Science, others are my areas of interest as a common woman

@thedal hi. What you are doing sounds interesting. As a lay person, please share some of your science with us. Would love to view and see some simplified and easily digestible information. Welcome.

Of course It just "sounds".
Sure would do.
Thank you.

@thedal hey I follow some interesting science handles on birdshite, which provide very simple and easily understood bytes on everyday science. Those are my favourite. Hoping to see similar stuff here

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