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thedeadparrot @thedeadparrot

pornathon first draffffffft. actually only clocking in at 735 words! still needs some editing work, but woohoo!

taking today off to recover, but i still gotta run some errands and also finish my pornathon entry.

checked off most of the things on my list (pornathon is at 277 words but not done yet) and also spent a whole bunch of hours moving and jumping on things.

soon there will be dinner and ice cream.

- groceries
- meds refill
- shower
- half of my laundry
- breakfast
- 150 words of this week's pornathon

in progress:
- rest of laundry
- rest of pornathon

- settle in parkour guest
- parkour event registration
- condo association meeting

@yolowoho 🎆 i'm so glad to hear you're enjoying it! i've started TAZ, but critrole will always be first in my heart.

i think i know what i would like to write for pornathon this week, but it's a little odd, so i hope i have enough time to properly work on it.

@seascribe already caved and bought like 10 skeins of yarn. and i'll probably buy more when the felici colorways i like are available. 😬

oh no. knitpicks summer yarn sale is happening. oh no.

look, i just need a million words of fic about how justin williams ended up becoming mike richards' hockey boyfriend, and idk, maybe something about the two of them petting each other's hair?

Hey, FYI: There's a charity speedrun stream benefiting the Transgender Law Center this weekend!


The runners include GDQ alumni like PrincessProto and EnchantressOfNumbers, and the game line up is actually really unique with a heavy focus on romhacks and randomizers. The final block on Sunday night is runs/races of all three of the Zelda 1, 2 and 3 randomizers in a row.

Ugh I hate when I google some random thing and find a photo of myself

i almost fell down the r/relationships hole, but i managed to pull myself out of it in time. whew.

pornathon has scrambled my ability to write anything. i popped open a new doc, and i had a moment of 'wtf, how does writing even work?'

@thene imagine being in a social circle where you're only allowed to be mindless consumers of what Gwyneth Paltrow decides to sell you. *shudder*

@thene how do these people have so much money to spend on bullshit?

gotta stop reading about Goop or else my eyeballs are going to roll out of their sockets. 🙄

mike's totally 'overinvested dad who yells at the refs over every bad call' and jeff's totally 'chill dad who gets in trouble for letting 10-year-olds watch PG-13 movies'.

they fall in love over joint-chaperoned pizza parties and the meddling of their precocious kids.

it would be gross and and fluffy and sappy and i would love every moment of it.

mike richards living his best basic white boy life, though i can't tell if he's golfing in canada or scotland right now.