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tfw you go back to try to edit something too soon and all you feel is nausea and anxiety rereading it.

i've done pornathon. i've played the last of us until it made me motion sick. i don't feel like working on dads fic. i could... work on the mastodon instance? play more of the college dating sim?

pornathon draft: done! 834 words, but hopefully i can cut it down some.

now onto betaing!

goals for tonight:
- pornathon draft
- beta #1
- beta #2
- poke at fannish mastodon some more

i honestly think this week's pornathon is breaking me. i just want to keep writing things that are not porn.

hmmm, brainstorming for pornathon this week. i have a direction i want to go in, but now i need a fandom that fits it.

hmmm, i could post more pornathon ficlets, or i could just... not.

also, i am definitely going to work from home tomorrow, but i need to figure out if i'm also going to parkour tonight. dragging a laptop around with me won't be any fun.

i will probably want to bring my laptop home on friday, too, but i can drop it off at home on the way to parkour.

thx for listening to me rubber duck 🦆 , internet. it's been great.

i think i will keep all my whining about pornathon and dads fic here where it is quiet.

i was feeling kind of meh this morning, and then i looked at pictures of doggos and felt better.

I was debating whether or not to repost my pornathon ficlets every week. I guess I should slowly get them up, so that I don't spam any subscribers after week 6.

pretty sure my pornathon ficlet this week is gonna be pretty terrible, but i only have to write two more and, i'm kinda like 🤷🏽

also, i stopped by the giant hockey store in Medford out of curiosity about how much hockey skates cost, and i was the literally the only customer there.

i think my bike seat is at the right height, but i need to get used to it. i literally fell over while trying to start pedaling. good thing we did a lot of practice falls this week for parkour.

currently in the process of writing a list of possible fandoms for this week's pornathon. writing is difficult and also the worst, etc.

context switching on and off of pornathon is messing with my ability to write other things. i am not a good multi-tasker.

pornathon first draffffffft. actually only clocking in at 735 words! still needs some editing work, but woohoo!

taking today off to recover, but i still gotta run some errands and also finish my pornathon entry.

checked off most of the things on my list (pornathon is at 277 words but not done yet) and also spent a whole bunch of hours moving and jumping on things.

soon there will be dinner and ice cream.

- groceries
- meds refill
- shower
- half of my laundry
- breakfast
- 150 words of this week's pornathon

in progress:
- rest of laundry
- rest of pornathon

- settle in parkour guest
- parkour event registration
- condo association meeting