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jordna "jokes" joestar

used to be friends with a dude who would trade me videogames for pics of my cats and i wonder whta happened to him

convinced he doesnt know what time is

this dudes been textin sayin hes 45 minutes away for like the past 5 hrs

i cant make jokes better than that if i tried i give up

some rando on the bird site sincerely, no jokes referred to eric garland as "that guy that obama almost nominated to the supreme court" and im havig trouble breathing

i got issues ok (turns into a snippy snarly lil dog and bites ya head off)

after so long i will finally get to smoke with goku

basketball shorts aint sexy..... cis men need to start popularizing some summerwear that dont make me look like im straight

literally i have not worn half my wardrobe in 2 yrs i wanna go someplace with seasons plz

i need to get outta this state so damn bad i havent felt a cold day in over 2 yrs

(prayin) please god gimme a nice dream about bein able to take anything i want from a department store for free

and in news thats just "mortifying" i tripped and fell flat on my ass in fronta some very nice jehovahs witnesses who helped me up and didnt try to proselytize me when i told them i was so embarrassed i was just gonna leave

i may seem smart but dont be fooled i am actually hugely stupid m ost of the time

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"shore leave" is goin hard as hell from the jump i just full on shrieked at the shot of the rock slowly rising up to reveal......a pistol

if ive got 421 hrs in maplestory on steam then that means i must have a truly embarrassing # of hrs of playtime before it got released there......Hell

@thefter *geralt uses witcher vision* owo what's this

ive never told a joke in my life and i will never finish this gd game