The catastrophic explosion in Beirut followed years of ignored warnings about the ammonium nitrate stored at the port.

@rania_masri tells @PushbackShow why the disaster is the product of a corrupt sectarian political system supported by foreign powers

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"So far, Cuba, a blockaded country, has carried out 247,203 tests. In Bolivia, where the coup regime has complained that such tests are expensive to acquire, only 134,769 have been carried out." via @TheGrayzoneNews

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Document exposes new US plot to overthrow Nicaragua's elected socialist gov't via @TheGrayzoneNews

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@caitoz I'm deeply interested in China and the amount of anti-China propaganda is staggering. Many of the anti-China "facts" can be traced to US-supported groups. One example:

The Biden campaign is now working with Republican strategist Ana Navarro, a staunch supporter of the CIA-backed Nicaraguan Contra death squads.

@ananavarro also lobbied for corrupt right-wing Latin American regimes and leaders imprisoned for corruption

A disturbing new document outlines plans for a US regime-change scheme against Nicaragua's elected leftist government, overseen by supposed "humanitarian" agency USAID, to bring about a “market economy” and purge of leftist Sandinistas.

By @benjaminnorton

From Bolivia, @OVargas52 details the human toll of the military coup, as an incompetent US-backed regime leaves its citizens to die amid a pandemic.

In Cuba, meanwhile, the country’s socialized system has saved its population from the worst of Covid-19.

El escándalo de sobornos petroleros expone el doble juego corrupto del ‘procurador general’ de Guaidó por @anyaparampil

Cómo el sorprendente testimonio de un espía de la policía amenaza la narrativa oficial del atentado al centro de la comunidad judía de Buenos Aires en 1994 por @GarethPorter

host @anyaparampil speaks with Beijing-based journalist @isgoodrum about a draft Chinese-Iranian trade agreement and China's role in challenging US financial hegemony

Revelations by a former police spy upend the official story blaming Iran for the 1994 bombing of the AMIA Jewish community center in Buenos Aires, and suggest a cover-up by dirty war elements may have let the real culprits off the hook.

By @GarethPorter

A long-awaited UK report found no evidence of Russian meddling, but that hasn’t stopped the fear-mongering.

@aaronjmate debunks the paranoia with @afshinrattansi

We reported from inside Nicaragua's capital on the 41st anniversary of the Sandinista Revolution

@benjaminnorton covers a speech by President Daniel Ortega, shows how the government has responded to Covid, and exposes US and corporate media disinformation

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"Why did you meet the head of MI5..the year after you decided not to prosecute MI5 for its role in torture?

"What role did you play in the CPS’ irregular handling of the Julian Assange case during your period as DPP?"

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If you have any illusions about the success of the mainstreaming of 's far right, you really need to read this. Note the Beltway links and the man of the church who should be especially ashamed of himself, @borysgudziak. via @TheGrayzoneNews

For over a year, top Western anti-corruption NGO Transparency International has been silent on Julian Assange – the world’s most prominent jailed transparency activist.

Is US and UK govt funding a factor in the organization’s silence? By @patrickmaynard

At the 41st anniversary of Nicaragua's Sandinista Revolution, President Ortega said the failure of the US and Europe to protect their citizens in the Covid-19 pandemic is a "wake-up call" that "savage capitalism" has failed and a new economic model is needed.

By @benjaminnorton

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Members of Venezuela's opposition have formally asked DOJ to investigate ex Guaidó “official" @ignandez for violations of US law under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
They also raise qs about his ethics as a lawyer. I explain why in this report & thread:

This month, the @usukraine Foundation hosted a notorious neo-Nazi militant with a history of racist violence.

While legitimizing Ukrainian white supremacists, the think tank has forged close ties with Washington foreign policy elites.

By @mossrobeson__

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