US troops occupy Washington DC in massive show of force

@MaxBlumenthal heads to DC's "Red Zone" to report on the presence of 28,000 National Guard soldiers ahead of Biden's inaugural ceremony

US troops occupy Washington DC in massive show of force

@MaxBlumenthal heads to DC's "Red Zone" to report on the presence of 28,000 National Guard soldiers ahead of Biden's inauguration

After condemning the pro-Trump invasion of the Capitol, the incoming Biden administration sent an inaugural invite to @carlosvecchio – a coup leader charged in the 2014 torching of the Venezuelan Attorney General’s office

By @anyaparampil

How CENTCOM Chief Kenneth McKenzie manufactured an Iran crisis to increase his power

@GarethPorter examines how a top general deployed bureaucratic moves and the media to generate an atmosphere of crisis, increasing his policy influence in the process

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U.S. sanctions against Syria shall be lifted as they violate human rights of Syrian people and impede delivery of humanitarian aid. The Grayzone interview

John Sullivan has been arrested and charged in federal court for his role in the US Capitol riot.

Read @MaxBlumenthal's investigation exposing the notorious instigator after the FBI initially let him go.

Sadistic US sanctions imposed on Syria under the Caesar Act are decimating war-ravaged civilians, are illegal, and should be lifted, the UN Special Rapporteur on sanctions tells @aaronjmate

Chaos agent: Right-wing blames US Capitol riot on notorious instigator banished by Black Lives Matter

@MaxBlumenthal investigates the strange and shocking saga of John Sullivan, who filmed Ashli Babbit's death as he egged on the Trumpist mob

A Spanish judge wants to investigate a member of the Sheldon Adelson security team for his apparent role in a criminal CIA spying operation against Julian Assange. Tellingly, the US Department of Justice has been refusing to comply

Scoop by @MaxBlumenthal

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Billionaire Republican mega-donor and Trump financier Sheldon Adelson has just died.

@MaxBlumenthal exposed the critical role Adelson's security team played in a CIA spying operation targeting journalist Julian Assange

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The UK judge ruling in the extradition case against @wikileaks's Julian Assange has justified the CIA spy operation targeting Assange by recycling DEBUNKED accusations made by the security firm HIRED by the CIA to do the spying (!!!)

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UN Special Rapporteur on Torture @NilsMelzer discusses the persecution of journalist Julian Assange, the horrific conditions the @wikileaks publisher is held in in prison, and the lies employed to keep him behind bars.

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The US State Department designated Yemen’s Houthi movement — the most effective force in fighting al-Qaeda — as a “terrorist” organization. Meanwhile Washington and Saudi Arabia have been supporting al-Qaeda in the country.

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Join us for a livestream on Assange, Force the Vote, "Stop the Steal" violence, and more.

7 pm ET / 4 pm PT



@MaxBlumenthal/@anyaparampil/@aaronjmate/@BenjaminNorton are speaking with @kgosztola and @SpiritofHo

Trump is overseeing a barbaric federal killing spree on his way out of his office, executing more prisoners in 2020 than all states combined. Reporter @georgehale tells @aaronjmate what he's witnessed inside the death chamber.

UK judge Vanessa Baraitser justified CIA spying on Julian Assange by citing a falsehood-filled CNN report.

Her disturbing judgment highlighted corporate media's enthusiastic role in a state-sponsored assault on press freedom.

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Our top 12 stories of 2020: From Julian Assange's persecution to the defeat of Bolivia's coup, the corporate war on free speech, the US hybrid war on Venezuela to the OPCW cover-up, we brought you investigative journalism that broke the media blockade.

US govt-sponsored @bellingcat has attacked defense attorneys and smeared witnesses in the trial over the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17

@beek38 asks: is the website being used by Western intelligence to steer the trial in a particular direction?

Exclusive video: The Grayzone's @anyaparampil visits Megasis, an Iranian supermarket which recently opened in Venezuela, and explores cooperation between Tehran and Caracas against a crushing US economic blockade

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Rick Gates, a key Mueller witness, was used by Mueller's team (aka collusion content producers) & credulous journalists (aka fan fiction writers) to fuel Russiagate conspiracy theories. Now he's setting the record straight. Transcript of interview w/ me:

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