VIDEO: @PiersRobinson1 and @Tracking_Power
explain to @MaxBlumenthal how the UK intelligence services targets dissident academics like, and how exposes the state's use of media proxies and infiltrators.

VIDEO: In the latest in our series on the indigenous-led uprising against the neoliberal policies of Ecuador’s billionaire president, Guillermo Lasso, we examine the government’s agreement with the strikers and the tactics that overcame Quito’s repression.

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Big scoop by @KitKlarenberg on how faux left journo @paulmasonnews is working w/senior UK intel official to create McCarthyite list.

-proposes disinfo war w/“black & Asian voices”
-@EmmaLBriant advising
-participated in BBC/@chloehadj doc smearing @STWuk

VIDEO: The Grayzone interviews leaders of Ecuador’s indigenous-led revolt against President Guillermo Lasso's neoliberal policies, documenting how his security forces are treating protesters as enemy combatants as violence grows and negotiations collapse.

Leaked emails expose intel cabal scheming for Priti Patel's authorization of MI6-style "counter-intelligence" operation against UK environmentalists.

The cabal has turned on Boris Johnson & believes Patel may run to replace him.

@KitKlarenberg's latest

Ecuador's uprising against the neoliberal policies of billionaire president grows despite harsh gov't repression

In part 2 of our series, we speak to leaders of the revolt who detail the breakdown of negotiations & intensifying crackdown

As leaked emails exposed @paulmasonnews' collaboration with UK's security state, a court case revealed the extent of intel service influence over the anti-Assange smears of @carolecadwalla

@Jonathan_K_Cook on the security service's top media lapdogs

New leaked emails show journalist and UK security state collaborator Paul Mason working with academic snitches to target "far left rogue" scholars.
Among Mason's helpers was @EmmaLBriant, who infiltrated a listserv and fed false claims against a colleague.

VIDEO: The Grayzone spoke with leaders of Ecuador’s indigenous movements, now engaged in a growing national protest against the privatization policies of the billionaire banker and President Guillermo Lasso.

Pfizer reportedly sponsored trashy $11K-an-hour Miami yacht party for failed Colombian presidential contender Rodolfo Hernández

The party came after leaked contracts showed Colombia overpaid by $375 million for Pfizer vaccines
via @OrinocoTribune

Leaked emails expose Paul Mason’s collusion with senior British intel official

Damning new disclosures reveal the depths of Mason’s covert campaign against the UK left, and the role of a secretive state agent in plotting the assault

By @KitKlarenberg

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This is absolutely outrageous censorship of my friends and colleagues and particularly sinister given I and @TheGrayzoneNews received formal cease and desist orders from @Shoosmiths last week acting on behalf of Emma Briant.

Informe de seguridad en Estados Unidos (DHS) advierte sobre los neonazis que regresan de combatir contra Rusia y Venezuela

por @RealAlexRubi

The World Economic Forum goes to war for Ukraine

@loffredojeremy explains how the West's 1% has zealously embraced the NATO proxy war in Ukraine and details his report from a "Russian War Crimes House" in Davos sponsored by a notorious Ukrainian oligarch

World Economic Forum contributor predicts rise of a “useless class” of humanity while Davos participants marvel at Nokia CEO's promise of implantable smartphones

@loffredojeremy discusses the WEF's transhumanist class war with @MaxBlumenthal

Bill Gates plans private supranational “GERM” pandemic army as Davos attendees dismiss the billionaire's Jeffrey Epstein ties

@loffredojeremy joins @MaxBlumenthal to discuss his reporting from the World Economic Forum

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Where's all the media discussing, analyzing, researching @KitKlarenberg's & @MaxBlumenthal's report on Paul Mason's little funky plan to attack @TheGrayzoneNews?

Is there a single MSM report? How is the echo in independent media?

Please share!

Join us at 2 PM EST to discuss @KitKlarenberg and @MaxBlumenthal's explosive report on Paul Mason's secret "intel by proxy" plot to destroy us and neutralize the Corbynite UK left.

.@paulmasonnews's covert intel-linked plot to destroy The Grayzone exposed

@KitKlarenberg & @MaxBlumenthal reveal leaked emails showing Mason & a shady intel contractor planning our “relentless deplatforming” and mapping out a wider assault on the UK left

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