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Academic Papers Should Be Free

I believe academic papers should be freely available. Not 'freely available if you're a student', not 'costing just a small fee', but freely available for everyone, no strings attached.

Anything else is fundamentally classist, encouraging the existence of an educated elite. Implying only the rich should have access to knowledge.

Not only that, but the inaccessibility creates a rhetoric that only university graduates have the capacity to understand papers. All the rest of us plebs get watered down, sensationalist reporting.

Well guess what, it's just words on a page, if you're reading this, you can read an academic paper. You don't need a pop-science book filled with fluff, attempting to fill hundreds of pages from a 10 page paper. You can just go ahead and read that paper.

And, thankfully, a lot of people share my views. So here are a bunch of websites for accessing academic papers for free:

Library Genesis
BookSC mirror
Library Genesis mirror

Checkout out this letter of solidarity with Library Genesis and Sci-Hub for a more articulate expression of these views

Originally posted on my blog. Text released under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 license.

#freeknowledge #opensource #creativecommons #copyleft

If you ever get paywalled by medium for one of my articles you can find my writing completely free on my blog.


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This is a small meditation that connects you to the present.

You can perform this meditation as you read the article.

You can read as fast or as slow as you like, but at a minimum I imagine it would take 5 minutes.

Questions, feedback and constructive criticism are all welcome.


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New Blog Launched!

I've implemented the masonry layout I was working on into my blog, did some styling and finally launched it! At least today's insomnia has been somewhat productive :D


Currently updating my blog to the gatsby chronoblog theme, and a masonry layout


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