I took a look at a lot of web browsers on , to compare features and performance. As a Firefox fanboy, I must say I have been very surprised...

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@thelinuxEXP I used to use brave but I came back to Firefox because of Google's monopoly on web standards.

@thelinuxEXP I just wish FF had better support for large number of tabs

@Dashtop I've never had a problem that Firefox couldn't handle my tabs. How many do you use?

@TheStroyer Anything above 8 gets laggy, I like to use 17 ish, but have to use 4 ish for firefox

@Dashtop then your hardware must not be very new. Only my 15 year old laptop struggles with that amount of tabs. How much ram do you have?

@Dashtop that should be enough. I can't help you unfortunately

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