The Ultimate de-googled Android ROM got better: it’s time to revisit ⁦‪@e_mydata‬⁩ after the last updates!

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Thanks for the review :D
Just to mention: /e/ has a dark mode I'm using quite happily.
You can even adjust the main colors and Icon-Style out of the box.

@josterburg @e_mydata i could enable a dark mode, b it didn’t work with most of the default app, they stayed light-themed :)

@thelinuxEXP @e_mydata great review, thanks! When my existing phone (that won't work with /e/ ) dies I'm going to get an S9+ and install /e/ on it

@thelinuxEXP @e_mydata I recently picked up an S9+ for £137 for my wife so it's quite an affordable option too :) I'd encourage her to try /e/ too but her work is still locked into using Google apps so wouldn't really work for her.

@jdaviescoates @e_mydata Yeah some people are just too entrenched by their work or their habits, that’s fine :)

@thelinuxEXP @e_mydata nice update, thanks!
By the way, I just now realized that you had this account on the Fediverse and I was wondering whether you had considered providing here the links on the non-Google platforms first (Odyssey or even better, your PeerTube TILVids account).
If you've indeed considered it and decided not to do it, I'd be curious to know the reasons :)

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