As a ⁦‪@kdecommunity‬⁩ user, I’m pretty stoked about this release :) Also my video is late and I’m sorry.
Still, here are all the new things you can expect in Plasma 5.22!

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@thelinuxEXP Can't wait for packages in OpenSUSE Tumbleweed and in Kubuntu backports. BTW the official KDE Community account here on mastodon is @kde

@thelinuxEXP finally, I can torrent porcupines in peace, as well.

@thelinuxEXP Enjoyed the video (as I enjoy most of yours), but I really wish it was available on #Peertube as well.

@Blort @thelinuxEXP Is it #ccby3? If it is you can upload it to hardlimit. If you like the video and it is #creativecommons BY 3 you can upload it to PeerTube as long as there is no copyrighted content in the there might include risks for Hardlimit. #HardlimitPeerTubecommunity let me register for free. I think they need helpful and instructive content.

If any of you can help in that regard it will probably not just benefit them but also you. They might wanna host your content, check with them👍

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