The people have spoken, here is today’s video: will the ⁦‪@steam‬⁩ Deck bring full on Windows game compatibility? Will it be the start of a virtuous circle for the desktop? Let’s see!

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@thelinuxEXP @steam this exactly what I was thinking.

If this is as successful as the switch, I bet we'll be seeing game studios trying to produce games that run natively (and thus we can drop wine) on Linux.

The time for Linux gaming is upon us!

I'm so excited!

@thelinuxEXP @steam Regarding your comments on Proton: Valve did the right thing. Linux, from a developer's stand point is, as you say, unproven, and broken in terms platform conformity. Developers can target Windows as they already have, and are proficient at, and Proton (wine) frees it from the shackles of Windows. This is a good thing for Linux (or Mac OS), but honestly this is the BEST of things for the user, who can now run their software platform agnostic. This is huge!

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