Let's prepare for the exploration of the fiery lava pit of doom in our playthrough of @Subnautica on ! We're going to need a bunch of upgrades if we want to survive this. Also, monsters. Big ones. youtu.be/2lan3cyIfWc

We continue our @StellarisGame playthrough on , mopping up the last fallen empire in the galaxy... Or is it? We might have forgotten something there.

Ryzen laptops ar coming, Microsoft sponsors Blender, and more RGB on Linux: here are some Linux, Open Source and Privacy news: youtu.be/OnfbRdZBxGw

Let's prepare for the huge lava pit exploration dive in @Subnautica on ! Time to find something that will let us go as deep and not burn to a crisp!

Let's excavate, research, unearth and unveil scientific discoveries and dog sites in @StellarisGame on !

Time to play Pimp My Ride in @Subnautica on ! Let's get some shiny new upgrades for our vehicles :)

I tried the @e_mydata project for a few weeks, and it blew me away! I think I have found my degoogled Android replacement:

Maybe my empire isn't big enough yet... Let's go and smash the fallen Empires some more in my @StellarisGame playthrough on Linux!

Time to build a rocket in @Subnautica on . First, let's try and find some nickels and build new tools!

The new website is now live! I ported all older articles (might be some typos or errors here and there), and it comes with a new RSS feed if you want :)
Thanks to the @elementary team for the template, it made setting things up a breeze!

Time to wrap up the war my idiot Federation buddies started in @StellarisGame on , because those guys couldn't build an invasion army to save their pathetic little empire!

NVIDIA open sources part of their SDK, Getting Things Gnome is back from the dead, and the market share keeps rising: here are some open source, Linux and privacy news for the first half of July 2020: youtu.be/nuGbRRW5134

We're not done yet with the caves of Doom in @Subnautica on : time to prepare for more exploration!

I swear I didn't start this war, but I'm sure going to finish it!
Time to mop up our neighbors in my @StellarisGame playthrough on

Microsoft is seemingly trying to slide in the and open source communities. But what's the end game here? Here's my opinion:

Time to explore some super deep creepy caves of doom in @Subnautica on ! Maybe the prawn Suit was a bad idea...

Time to clean up all that border gore in my playthrough of @StellarisGame on . Our vassals need more planets, and there's a specific fallen empire that is just not in the right place...

@elementary OS 6 can't be far, now, so let's take a look at what we can expect throughout the life of this new release:

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