Think XFCE looks bad? Think again! Let’s take a look at some customization options that a few distros offer, and then we’ll create our own look!

As a ⁦‪@kdecommunity‬⁩ user, I’m pretty stoked about this release :) Also my video is late and I’m sorry.
Still, here are all the new things you can expect in Plasma 5.22!

Can this thing run Microsoft Office and the Adobe apps like they were native? Let’s take a look at Winapps, the results are pretty good!

The end of GLIMPSE, a possible Linux powered Steam handheld, and TONS of new hardware - here are son and open source news for the end of May 2021 (Firefox 89 just escaped this one, by a few minutes)

Moving from Windows to ? Here are the distributions I would recommend, depending our your needs.

Let’s continue our tour of @xfceofficial, this time, we’re going to talk apps, and why XFCE doesn’t ship that many of them compared to other desktops.

Here is the first part of my @xfceofficial desktop tour! In this first video, I take a look at the default layout, look and feel, and settings. Next will be default apps, and, of course, customization!

Finally an affordable Linux laptop? This is my review of the Slimbook Essential 14, a sub-600€ aluminium ultra book. Let’s see what you get at that price point!

Audacity backs down on telemetry, System76's mechanical keyboard, elementary OS 6 beta - here is your , and open source news fix!

Let’s continue our tour of the various mobile interfaces, with Ubuntu Touch on the Pinephone, the best of the three I tested so far, IMO.

Do you need access to Mac OS but don’t want to buy a Mac? Here’s a way to run macOS on with just one command line!

If only I needed a new laptop... I tried the KDE Slimbook, and I really want one now... ⁦‪@kdecommunity‬⁩ ⁦‪@SlimbookEs‬⁩

A very nice looking tablet, Microsoft Won't buy Discord, and GUI Linux apps on Windows - here is your Linux and open source news fix for the end of April!

The Ultimate de-googled Android ROM got better: it’s time to revisit ⁦‪@e_mydata‬⁩ after the last updates!

@ubuntu 21.04: Yes, there ARE new features! Here’s what’s new with Ubuntu 21.04 and a few of its variants :)

These guys made me a CUSTOM gaming laptop, running ! Does it hold up, and is the customization enough to warrant the price? Let’s see, before you all jump in to the Apple Event 😅

System76 starts their own desktop environment, Arch goes the easy route, and Facebook leaks again... this is your & Open Source news fix for the first half of April :)

I switched my main production machine over to the ⁦‪@SlimbookEs‬⁩ Kymera. I’ve had it for about a month, so here are my thoughts on that pretty little beast!

I've used KDE exclusively for a month, after a long while on elementary OS. Here is what I like and what I don’t :)

If you’re looking for a replacement, but you’re wondering where to go, here is treasure trove of information about ⁦‪@AlmaLinux‬⁩!

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