I already explained why I thought needed an ecosystem to integrate multiple devices. Well, let’s see how I made my own, and how it’s still a lot harder than what proprietary alternatives offer. I guess at least, it’s private!

Going live on YouTube, on the gaming channel! We’re going to continue our Mass Effect playthrough :) youtube.com/channel/UCaw_Lz7oi

Could Windows switch to the kernel? After a lot of speculation and even an article from a major founder of the open source movement, could it happen? My thoughts in this video.

My exclusive weekly podcast is now available to all Patreon supporters and YouTube members :)
This week, it’s all about the AMD Radeon launch day dumpster fire, and a hypothetical elementary OS laptop.


Is this the Linux equivalent to iMovie? Not quite... I take a look at Pitivi, the only (?) GTK video editing software for .

⁦‪@system76‬⁩ has a hardware sale, Ubuntu fixes a very nasty bug, Mint adds Chromium back to its repos, and Plasma Mobile has its own Pinephone! Tons of and news for the first half of November 2020!

Sleeping Dogs on comes to an end, with an action packed episode! Let’s put an end to our last big rival! youtu.be/suFZB2g2CPo

I took a look at a lot of web browsers on , to compare features and performance. As a Firefox fanboy, I must say I have been very surprised...

I've been using the @junocomputers
Neptune 25 for 3 weeks as my daily driver. Here is the full review of this laptop: performance, build quality, battery life, gaming...

Jackie, once again, gets into trouble, and we are the ones to rescue him, well, because he seemingly has no other friends. Let's see how we can dig him out of that hole. This is Sleeping Dogs on .

This time, Wei's going to set fire to Hong Kong. The gang war escalates, and we resort to using explosive means to try and defend our last remaining friends. Guns, grenade launchers, fists, and cars, everything works.
This is on .

Remember Sonny ? The terrible guy that harasses music and pop stars ? Well this dude wants me to go and bug the apartment of one of my buddies girlfriends. And since the plot demands it, I'll go and turn myself into a perv.
This is Sleeping Dogs on .

I'm thinking about streaming some Linux gameplay, pretty soon. I don't know on which channel, or how, or when, so I'll let you pick the details. Vote down here, please :)


In this news video, we have increased competition on GPUs, a lot of new distro releases with Ubuntu, Fedora, and PopOS, youtube-dl being taken down for copyright infrigement. Oh and Google also get hit by a lawsuit for monopolistic practices.

We dive deep into some unsavory crimes, with an unfortunate kidnapping. This involves us losing at Mahjong poker, repeatedly missing the docks to step on a boat, and gunning down armed goons to free the poor captive ladies. This is on .

We have a new mission, and that's making sure that the Feng Shui in one of the triad bosses mansion is completely ruined. I'll be honest, I'm not totally sure how that would make an impact, but here we are. It's just another day in on !

Apparently, Uncle Po, our beloved master, is being attacked by a bunch of armed goons, right in the hospital. The good thing is: they won't have to go too far to get treated when Wei is done with them. This is on .

I got to spend a few days with the @junocomputers
Neptune 15, a beastly laptop shipping with pre-installed. Here are my first impressions after using it as a daily driver. youtu.be/IFrVSpczsFU

It's time for a new release of @ubuntu: 20.10, Groovy Gorilla. There are new desktop features, and new plumbing, as always, but I also have some thoughts about the Ubuntu desktop in general. Does 20.10 deserve its name, and where is Ubuntu going?

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