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KDE releases today Plasma 5.25 Beta. This version of KDE's desktop environment is released for testing purposes and not advised for production use or as a daily driver. The final release will happen on June 14.


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I just asked my Patrons and YouTube members to vote on the next topics I'll cover on the channel! This month, they have 5 options: Android and Chrome OS, How to improve , My Linux Mistakes, Proprietary apps, or How to contribute if you don't code:


Microsoft has multiple distros, Fedora might get Budgie in its repos, and @rocky_linux@twitter.com gets big funding: here is your Linux and news video:


This. No one is ever saying GNU/Linux . And then you'd have to add all the other projects that are as important, if not more than the GNU tools. Everyone knows that when you say "Linux", you mean the entire OS, based on context, everything else is pedantic.

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The word "Linux" has entered into the English language meaning a complete Unix-like operating system based on the Linux kernel.

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There is a notion floating around that is being dumbed down, as we try and make it more accessible to the general public. Let's discuss!


I never could get excited about things like these. My brain just refuses to accept these characters could exist in the same reality.

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What in the MultiVerse is going on here?! Mark your calendars MVPs, Open Beta is coming up this July!

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A long, but wonderfully detailed debunking of some preconceived notions on Flatpak. (Not written by me, but by The Evil Skeleton, who shared it in the channel's Discord server)


Everytime I talk about Fedora, there's someone accusing me of shilling for Red Hat. And let me tell you: I WISH!

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"I heard someone say 'why is Fedora getting all this great press recently? they must be doing some sort of secret marketing campaign!' — well, let me assure you, we are not." — @rie_cat@twitter.com

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As a user, I have stopped using other OSes for a while now, but that's no reason to not give them a shot, so here it is: a review of macOS by a Linux fanboy


You can now at least HEAR your Steam Deck's horrible cries as you rip its soul apart and violate it in the worst way imaginable. You monster.

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Hi all, we're happy to share that audio drivers are now available for Windows 10 and Windows 11 on Steam Deck! For instructions and more details, please visit the following link: help.steampowered.com/en/faqs/

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Nvidia open sources part of their driver, China moves to Linux, Fortnite is now playable on our systems, and Fedora 36 is out: here is your and news video for the week:


A rare occurrence, I talked about in FRENCH yesterday on the @GamingLinuxFr1@twitter.com podcast! We discussed most of the latest topics I broached in my latest videos, with some opposing opinions. If you understand French, it's definitely a must-watch!


Glad to see Google taking tablets seriously again... Let's hope we DO get optimized apps, this time!

Great new stuff in the works!

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Thunderbird 102 includes several major new features for our global community of users, and we’re confident you’ll love them. So grab your favorite beverage, and let’s highlight seven features from Thunderbird 102 we’re most excited about.


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Don't watch Google I/O! Watch this instead: as we get more and more distros meant for a specific use case, it's becoming clear the general "all purpose" desktops aren't good enough just yet:


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