If only I needed a new laptop... I tried the KDE Slimbook, and I really want one now... ⁦‪@kdecommunity‬⁩ ⁦‪@SlimbookEs‬⁩

A very nice looking tablet, Microsoft Won't buy Discord, and GUI Linux apps on Windows - here is your Linux and open source news fix for the end of April!

The Ultimate de-googled Android ROM got better: it’s time to revisit ⁦‪@e_mydata‬⁩ after the last updates!

@ubuntu 21.04: Yes, there ARE new features! Here’s what’s new with Ubuntu 21.04 and a few of its variants :)


These guys made me a CUSTOM gaming laptop, running ! Does it hold up, and is the customization enough to warrant the price? Let’s see, before you all jump in to the Apple Event 😅

System76 starts their own desktop environment, Arch goes the easy route, and Facebook leaks again... this is your & Open Source news fix for the first half of April :)

I switched my main production machine over to the ⁦‪@SlimbookEs‬⁩ Kymera. I’ve had it for about a month, so here are my thoughts on that pretty little beast!

I've used KDE exclusively for a month, after a long while on elementary OS. Here is what I like and what I don’t :)

If you’re looking for a replacement, but you’re wondering where to go, here is treasure trove of information about ⁦‪@AlmaLinux‬⁩!

As promised, to celebrate the 100K subscribers, here is a special video, including an apartment tour, the gear and software I use, and the answers to your questions :) (I used chapters to let you skip what doesn’t interest you)

Richard Stallman returns to the FSF, Microsoft buys Discord, and GNOME 40 is out ! - Here is your and news fix for the end of March 2021!

If you’re interested in a replacement for CentOS, you might want to take a look at @AlmaLinux , they’re going to answer a lot of questions about their new distro in a live stream in about 4h, register here:

Is ⁦‪@kdecommunity‬⁩ Plamsa as good on mobile as it is on the desktop? Here is my KDE Plasma Mobile review!

⁦‪@gnome‬⁩ 40 is out, and it’s probably the biggest update to GNOME since GNOME 3, and a very good one at that! Let’s see what’s new:

If you missed it, here is why I think grand marketing campaigns won’t help reach a bigger audience, while hardware might:

A lot of people, me included, have been advocating for grand marketing campaigns for the desktop. Nowadays, I feel that what Linux needs to grow, is more hardware. Let’s see why!

Brave start their own search engine, a YouTUBE Music client on Linux, and a modular laptop - this is your and news fix for the first half of March :)

Can you replace Chrome OS with this distro using Firefox as a web browser and Anbox to run Android apps? Let’s see!

Google is abandoning third party cookies in Chrome (finally), and replacing them with a new solution, which might end up being worse for the internet. Let’s take a look!

on Mars, Mint users don't update, a new browser extension can block almost the whole web, and GNOME 40 outlines how it works on multi-monitor setups: here is your Linux and open source news fix!

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