KDE Connect on Windows and iOS, Nvidia open sources stuff, and FOSS can be profitable - here is your recommended dose of and News!

I didn’t want to make this video, but apparently I need to clarify what happened with the discord server I used to push for the channel, so here it is… A bit of stupid drama before we get back to the good Linux related stuff…

Do we really have too many distros, and is it really an issue? Let’s take a look in today’s video! (Uploaded in 2h on a 4G network 😅)

Making this video was a fresh breath of nostalgia! Here is my first look at the MATE desktop environment for !

And here we go! A new edition of my at work series, this time with new hardware, new distros, ⁦‪@kdecommunity‬⁩ and new workflows!

And we’re back to our regular, scheduled programming! Audacity collects data, Copilot crawls FOSS code, and Valve announces the Steam Deck - this is your and news fix :)

The people have spoken, here is today’s video: will the ⁦‪@steam‬⁩ Deck bring full on Windows game compatibility? Will it be the start of a virtuous circle for the desktop? Let’s see!

I’ve been using the ⁦‪@brave‬⁩ browser and Brave search for about a month now. Is this the all in one, private, browser + search engine combo that we’ve been waiting for? Let’s find out!

Why are app developers porting their work to Apple Silicon and not to ? Let’s try to answer the question in today’s video!

What can desktop learn from Windows 11? Let’s look at a few features we could take inspiration from!

Ubuntu starts redesigning, Brave launches their search engine, and you’ll get ads in your Oculus! Here is your And news fix for the end of June!

Pop!_OS 21.04 has been released! If you missed it previously, here is my opinion about the new desktop, and the feature set!

Ok, so is free, secure and customizable. So why are most governments and administrations NOT moving to Linux? Let’s see a few reasons in today’s video, which horribly misuses stock footage.

I really hoped it would be released by now, but since it’s not, I’ll still give my opinion on what’s available. I tried the new « Cosmic » desktop in Pop OS 21.04, and was unimpressed. Here are my thoughts!

Minimalist, open source, encrypted Google Photos & Google Docs alternative? We'll see about that! Let’s take a tour of Cryptee!

Time to review the ⁦‪@SlimbookEs‬⁩ Titan. It’s probably the fastest laptop I’ve ever used, running or otherwise. Also, excellent screen, awesome mechanical keyboard, and and enough RGB to replace your Christmas tree.

Wine and Nvidia work on Wayland support, Ubuntu Pro goes Google, and THAT Firefox redesign - this is your , and news for the first half of June!

Think XFCE looks bad? Think again! Let’s take a look at some customization options that a few distros offer, and then we’ll create our own look!

As a ⁦‪@kdecommunity‬⁩ user, I’m pretty stoked about this release :) Also my video is late and I’m sorry.
Still, here are all the new things you can expect in Plasma 5.22!


Can this thing run Microsoft Office and the Adobe apps like they were native? Let’s take a look at Winapps, the results are pretty good!

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