KDE Roadmap for 2021, Nvidia now loves Wayland, and Epic Games Store on Linux - in open source form - this is your and open source news fix for the first half of the month!

How would you like getting from 5 to 10% more FPS when gaming on ? Take a look at this video:

Plenty of Linux distros offer something interesting, but I feel that ⁦‪@elementary‬⁩ has a unique vision. It’s more than a regular distro. Let’s see why.

An official Sony driver for the PS5’s Dualsense on , GNOME 40 changes things in the Activities view, and 2 projects emerge to replace CentOS! Here is your Linux, Open Source and Privacy News for the end of 2020!

WAYLAND: what is it, and is it ready for daily use? I take a look at the future of display servers, the one thing that will finally replace good old X11:

In this episode of our and news, we have the potential death of CentOS, Cyberpunk 2077 on Linux day one (sorta), and a Linux hardware seller that closes their doors...

Technology doesn't matter, it's what you do with it. Here are a few reflections on Tribalism in tech and the community.

⁦‪@elementary‬⁩ OS 6 Odin will bring very well integrated multitouch gestures thanks to Touchegg and Libhandy. Let’s see how that will work, and how to get a similar experience on any other distro!

Why isn’t the Desktop more popular? There are a few reasons, let’s take a look at the ones I think are the most important.

LIBREM 5 is finally shipping, Chromium opens up its governance, and Ubuntu Web Remix offers a Chrome OS alternative, Android apps included! This is your news fix!

I already explained why I thought needed an ecosystem to integrate multiple devices. Well, let’s see how I made my own, and how it’s still a lot harder than what proprietary alternatives offer. I guess at least, it’s private!

Going live on YouTube, on the gaming channel! We’re going to continue our Mass Effect playthrough :) youtube.com/channel/UCaw_Lz7oi

Could Windows switch to the kernel? After a lot of speculation and even an article from a major founder of the open source movement, could it happen? My thoughts in this video.

My exclusive weekly podcast is now available to all Patreon supporters and YouTube members :)
This week, it’s all about the AMD Radeon launch day dumpster fire, and a hypothetical elementary OS laptop.


Is this the Linux equivalent to iMovie? Not quite... I take a look at Pitivi, the only (?) GTK video editing software for .

⁦‪@system76‬⁩ has a hardware sale, Ubuntu fixes a very nasty bug, Mint adds Chromium back to its repos, and Plasma Mobile has its own Pinephone! Tons of and news for the first half of November 2020!

Sleeping Dogs on comes to an end, with an action packed episode! Let’s put an end to our last big rival! youtu.be/suFZB2g2CPo

I took a look at a lot of web browsers on , to compare features and performance. As a Firefox fanboy, I must say I have been very surprised...

I've been using the @junocomputers
Neptune 25 for 3 weeks as my daily driver. Here is the full review of this laptop: performance, build quality, battery life, gaming...

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