High concept techno album based around the stratum / lamina from Friends at the Table.

Just commissioned some album art for my EP. Very excited!

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I really, really enjoyed NieR Automata after finishing it. Seriously, it's one of the most important games ever released in terms of the medium's artistic development, and i can't recommend it enough.

And now with mastodon.social acting weird and not loading my home timeline I just want a nice space to hang out that works properly, but I don't want to go jumping around because I only want to ask people to re-follow me if I've really found the right instance for me.

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I'm just kinda sensitive about Masto not working because I realized that the main instance I was on hasn't been federating properly for the past 4 days so I wasn't seeing anyones toots.

Hi, hello, is anyone out there? Is mastodon.social totally broken? Two of the three instances I have accounts on appear to be completely unusable for different reasons. Where can I go to be able to toot with my friends?

OK, I'm having major Mastodon issues, my home timeline doesn't update on its own anymore? I have to do like a shift+reload to get new posts to show up?!?

Anyone who is following both this account and @thelsdj@thepractice.space have you been seeing my toots over there? Seems like that instance is having issues with federation so I'll probably hang out here a few days.

I've decided to move over fully to @thelsdj@thepractice.space I've imported my follows there, so if you want to keep seeing my follow me over there.

Here is a little orchestra loop I came up with this morning. instaud.io/T5j

Made another quick track from (mostly) loops to keep my daily music making going. instaud.io/SSy

Someone should make an instance where the only thing you can toot is your password.

Made myself sit down and work on some music this morning, pretty rough but felt good to just make something and be done with it instaud.io/SKh

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