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that sound like something that is said in the first five minutes of a movie only to be disproved later on.

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nonbinary identities in French? please boost 

How do you and your Francophone loved ones manage grammatical gender in French? I have a nonbinary friend who's a native English speaker and is learning French. They're trying to figure it out for themself. They're aware of «iel», and I'm planning to tell them about e.g. «amusant·e·s».

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I'm much more interested in direct experiences from nonbinary Francophones and their loved ones than theory. Thank you <3

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Because it's about de/obfuscation I am also looking for the most sketchy apps you know, preferably as an apk, though a name suffices :D

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Do y'all have some fav open source android apps? For work I'm preparing experiments and am looking for projects I can re-compile with various settings. Benefit: I will very happily report/fix issues in the compilation settings if I find any :)

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Does someone still have the link to that huge google doc of trans/nonbinary/etc musicians that someone on mastodon started ages ago?

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in other news I'm writing "What does it mean to trust an technological artifact? Which factors influence, what circumstances shape this trust?" and with some luck I'll research that as well. Right next to code analysis. because in my head, these things go together

tired poem 

roses are red,
lilies are pink,
for an entire day
I wish to not do a thing


recording lectures, I restrained from saying "please like and subscribe" but I did mention my kirby plushie as audience ^_^

that's what you get when you let me write challenges


levels of sad increased after talk about security took off..

edit/note: this hits parts of words, like "PhysAddress"

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RFCs reaching peak interesting a long time ago but stable since then.

TIL: the author of the fallacies of distributed computing (, Laurence Deutsch, "now generally identifies himself as a composer rather than a software developer or engineer". Also, he made midi files available:

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