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A piece about the specific ways transphobes target trans men 



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embedded programming, details 

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Leave tusky good reviews and mark the 1 stars as unhelpful, the trolls are throwing a review bombing tantrum because tusky won't bend to let them have their way. It RULES that they can't have their way and are so pressed about it but not at tuskys expense.

embedded programming 


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"techbro bigotry," or "the fragility of the straight white man" 

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Is there anywhere selling pre-made #pronoun #stickers for conferences?

The little ones that say “he”/“she”/“they”/“ask me“ (or whatever) that a techy conferences/events can leave out for people to use. I'd need a few hundred. (feel free to boost)

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birdsite politics news, shitpost 

Went to a meetup today and it was so nice, sitting in small goups under tents in the sun. Got a long list of publications about generative composing to look up and can't wait to go through them :3

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div social media mention 

helo, I want to order bicolored/greyscale stickers, custom rectangle size, for outdoorsy use, in europe. Can you recommend a place? Boosts welcome & thanks for your time <3

friends, landlords - 

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#TIL That #Nintendo had a prototype of a knitting machine extension for the famous original console. And it's a shame this has never reached production.

#Ada #Knitendo

The clouds look as if a gigantic flying turtle is floating over the city, slowly paddling, gliding forward. And dragging the night in behind it.

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major eva spoilers, fuck netflix 

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