easteregg music reference 

also has an easteregg shoutout to the album night river by chris roth, because I've been listening to it on almost repeat while working on this thing.

Hi @TQ your music is very nice!

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aah, finally finished the hackme for the students. So many things could be better, but done is better than not-done.

Anyway, I am a very serious educator.

mh, work ~+, oversharing? 

I read that telling yourself you are doing good* helps making up for lost appreciation during childhood but while I was praised back then, I have reasons not to believe this. So this is me learning to believe myself, and others, when I am told I am doing good.

* doing good as in praising accomplishments, not doing well as in being happy

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mh, work ~+ 

me: to me: "Of course it is understandable that you feel like shit for being behind on half your deadlines and barely scraping by the others, fueled mostly by caffeine and very questionable working hours.

On the other hand you are one sexy genius that learned from previous situations like this, doesn't forget to have at least a couple hours off each day, eats enough healthy things, doesn't save on sleep or contact with people and will do even better next time avoiding this mess. <3"

uni, hacking 

wow, finally have an idea how to fix it at 23:33:33 but it feels like 33:33:32 :S

something for tomorrow

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uni, reversing 

welp, that didn't work because the movfuscator cant do shared objects and depends on a specific lib that I won't get on android. welp that's disappointing :(

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uni, reversing 

there is a part in the code that students are not supposed to analyze, but how do you prevent people hacking your app from looking at it?

Finally I have a reason to use the movfuscator, which replaces ALL assembly instructions with ONLY MOVs *laughs in genius* github.com/xoreaxeaxeax/movfus

there seems to be a deobfuscator, but half a dozen open issues complain about it segfaulting, so getting it to work is also acceptable deterrence :)

uni m) 

it was a public homework and we were required to comment on two other peoples posts.

I am very pleased with myself for having three people question their assumption that art and science are completely distinct processes with no common ground :patcat:

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uni m) 

I wrote a homework essay without reading all the material and ended up with an argument very similar to one of the papers I was supposed to read.

Let's see if the prof realizes this or thinks I was lazy.

Anyway, I'm pretty proud of myself: the question is about what is computer science and the text has the example "math is what mathematicians do and mathematicians make math". and my homework starts with "art is what artists do and artists make art" :pensive_party_blob:


wrote a code generator for my hackme, thus accidentally participating in nanogenmo for the first time ever? m)

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You can tell how far I've come today by the amount of open tabs I have.

Oh yeah and I wrote some code I guess.

(if you have good bob ross content please send it my way)

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making a bob ross fan app for students to hack on because it was the first thing that came to my mind.


oh yeah, made another batch of kimchi today and I can tell the fish-sauce makes a difference.

lets see how it goes the next days :3

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Can anyone recommend a "Fitbit" like device that allows you to be in control of your own data? (as in, it doesn't transmit your data to 3rd parties & lets you control where the data can go?)

Boosts definitely appreciated

lol I dont know if that qualifies as drum'n'base, it's my first time at 175 bpm

but not my first time with honks!


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