I liked the offices better when nobody else was here

meowsic recommendation, crowdwfun 

I hope this goes through because it's such a nice album. :3

synth woes 

made this arp from an lfo and I am trying desperately to recreate it on a piano roll x_x

also wish I'd be more serious about recording separate tracks and making notes. sometimes happy accidents happen and I wish I could build on them, expand them but then they are gone. glad I have a recording tho

hey @glitchbot and everyone else

the Smithsonian has a lot of images, videos and even 3d models available as CC0 :3

work, pretty pixels 

can't use this in my presentation tomorrow, so have a viz of a couple thousand app icons arranged by various embeddings. It loops :3

my gameboy and plinky make a good team, whatcha think? next up is 8-bit techno version of this, but probably some rehearsing first ^_^

copyright infringement probably 

"No kirby you can't swallow a cat"


easteregg music reference 

also has an easteregg shoutout to the album night river by chris roth, because I've been listening to it on almost repeat while working on this thing.

Hi @TQ your music is very nice!

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aah, finally finished the hackme for the students. So many things could be better, but done is better than not-done.

Anyway, I am a very serious educator.

lol I dont know if that qualifies as drum'n'base, it's my first time at 175 bpm

but not my first time with honks!

work + 

I made progress on my experiments this week while also organizing a course with half a dozen guest lecturers. My supervisor is impressed that I did both and that makes me happy that I'm not expected to run at full steam on both tracks.
also: preliminary results look good :D

@glitchbot I forgot if you can process multiple images but I feel confident in your abilities

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