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managing notes, work-related 

I am doing a lot of meeting minutes and research summaries lately and I am giving the Johnny Decimal System another try ( It works quite well with obsidian (, tho I can't remember the keyboard shortcuts at all.

it's the first time in a long time I am eager to touch my old notes and tidy them up, so for that alone it's good for me.


made kimchi fried rice and this toot was about how the rice was a bit sticky and the dish yummy, but just as I typed the first "and" I realized I forgot the egg on top.
welp, it was still good so if you have kimchi and mushrooms (optional) you can make vegetarian kimchi fried rice and it still slams. (or vegan, depending on the kimchi)

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productivity stuff for distracted people 

Productivity hack for the distracted: If you can't focus, distracted work is still work.

Slow work is still work.

It's ok to leave gaps to be filled in later, or just take notes on what needs to be done.

And productivity is not a moral quality. Your output is not a measure of worth as a person.

kimchi the third 

it worked out well! the my flatmate who's a chef approves and now I am pretty proud :3

the chili is less strong but noticeable, the onions unfortunately didn't loose that much aroma. I think I'll skip them next time.

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kimchi the third 

still too much onions, but also more chili and that was a good decision.

also used more salt for the brine and the texture is a lot better now.

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Here we go, after 1.5 years and a pile of c++ code later I'm pleased to announced my basilisk story is FINISHED!

"Basilisk collection - From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia"

cascading computer failures 

update of wifi APs fails -> controller scheduling those runs out of memory -> pihole DNS server running on same raspi goes down -> dns retries overwhelm modem -> internet goes down

none of these things should have happened but here we are.

welp, at least now I have a firsthand example of complex system failure cascades.

kindergarden kids in the yard 

I didn't need to know that more distracting than adventurous jakob ("jaaakb! no! get down there! jakob!") would be popular jakob. Three different groups of kids are shouting for his attention, and mine ^_^

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It's #BandcampFriday, and my new EP is out! Spacewave goodness, slow, calm, like drifting through space.

seeking help 

oh bummer, the wav is converted to mp3

anyone know where to upload wavs without re-encoding?

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synth woes 

made this arp from an lfo and I am trying desperately to recreate it on a piano roll x_x

also wish I'd be more serious about recording separate tracks and making notes. sometimes happy accidents happen and I wish I could build on them, expand them but then they are gone. glad I have a recording tho

book review january 

Finished a book! It was The Manifesto Handbook by Julian Hanna.

Learned a lot about various movements of the last century, and how fascist the futurists were. Very nice, can recommend. Side-effects I've observed: urge to write more (manifestos), reading list grew by a couple dozen manifestos and thinking about how microblogs like masto are not killing language, but making us mini-manifesto writers.


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just realized I can make looped gifs that show the main menu of those imaginary games, that could be fun.

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code typo 

installed 1500ish applications on our research phone because my uninstall script had a typo and I was very confident when I started it and went afk for lunch

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