First Trailer & Poster For Steven Soderbergh's THE LAUNDROMAT, Starring Gary Oldman, Meryl Streep & Antonio Banderas

"We're left to wonder what someone like Joe Dante might have done with this concept."

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"A violent prisoner experiences a late emotional maturation after forming a bond with the titular beast."

THE MUSTANG is in UK/ROI cinemas Friday.

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"A heartfelt tribute to those who make it out the other side of toxic partnerships, and to those who succumb along the way."

THE SOUVENIR is in UK/ROI cinemas Friday.

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"With its youthful cast, sub-functional dialogue and televisual blandness, Critters Attack! often resembles a Nickelodeon show."

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"A portrait of a woman on the edge of collapsing under the weight society and her unfortunate circumstances have placed on her young shoulders."

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"There's a brain behind its brawn as it raises questions regarding how brittle our political and moral fibre can be when tested."

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"Madness in the Method has a lot of heart, is at times really funny and the cameos are a pure delight."

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"Much like Ben Wheatley's Sightseers, A Serial Killer's Guide to Life plays out like a blood-soaked riff on Mike Leigh's Nuts in May."


"An impressive debut, exhibiting technical skill, intellectual depth and thoughtful storytelling."

ANIARA is in UK cinemas August 30th and ROI cinemas September 6th.

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"Structured in a manner that might have you checking the running time and wondering when it's all going to kick into gear."

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