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@markosaric I worked for one of the GAFAM (yep, not proud...). It's incredible, even scary at some extent, how people there can be deeply brainwashed, with no ability to think by themselves.
The management in those companies has lot of similarities with authoritarian regimes, one of it being how they "educate" the employees.

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Goldman's new "free" typeface has a license that prevents you from using it to criticize Goldman Sachs.


Politics, coupons 

Coupons themselves need to illegal not selling or sharing coupons.

Curve has flattened. We are seeing less COVID-19 memes. Y'all can safely browse the internet without catching COVID-19 memes

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stop using chrome, at least use firefox which only passively antagonizes you in easily controllable ways

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Has anyone tried working on a laptop with backlit keyboard in a completely dark. I've doing this for sometime and I just wish there were a shortcut key to turn on the lights for when I need them.

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OH: "If the USA saw what is going on in the USA, the USA would invade the USA to free the USA from the USA."

Why is and trending? (I know about peertube, just don't get what's up with it now)

Will the Facebook SDK induced crash last long enough?

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Due to the fall in air pollution you can see the spectre of communism haunting Europe

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Annual reminder that no one is a hero for posting without common content warnings, no matter how just your cause or right your message.

You aren’t being revolutionary - We know we’re all in our respective ways not free and not safe, let people have the chance to disengage for even a second from that, the world reminds us enough already. You’re ignoring social norms made for the very people you want to champion.

Please do better or just sit back down; thank you for caring, but care better.

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