I cannot overstate how important this is, the Yakuza series is The Fucking Best

@theoutrider they do. Still probably going to wait a bit to make sure that the PC port doesn't have any weird issues.

Generally speaking though I'm quite surprised that my PC is still able to handle most stuff today.

@MOKKA same here, given that my PC is even older (2008 mainboard, 8GB DDR2, just recently upgrade to a Core2Extreme QX6700 so I could play Subnautica somewhat reasonably)

@MOKKA I've been ogling bits for an upgrade for a while but with the mainboard being as prehistoric as it is it won't come cheap

@theoutrider my main problem is that my case is probably too small for a modern graphics card, considering that my current one only barely fit back then.

Otherwise I'm pretty sure that just a new GPU would be enough for me.

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