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The Island of Doctor Wan Wan @theoutrider

musing: Eledees and Viscera Cleanup Detail are opposite ends of spectra in an astonishing number of ways, from design concept to tone/art direction to control mode

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like it's almost actively weird how they've presumably come from an extremely similar seed idea and worked out in pretty much exact opposite directions in almost every way imaginable

@theoutrider idea: versus battle game where one player is trying to trash the place as much as possible whilst the other is trying to keep it clean

@theoutrider alternately: eledees, but there's two types of stages you go through, "A" stages which is eledees and "B" stages which is you cleaning up the mess you just made in the previous level

@puppy Bioware's first game, mech action thingy Shattered Steel, has not only team co-op but team counter-op mode for the campaign missions and more games need to do that kind of shit

@puppy like you could play the campaign with eight people, four trying to complete the missions and four trying to stop them

@puppy Perfect Dark had both co- and counter-op for the campaign missions as well but only for two players total sadly