I have a tendency to assume young people to be older than they actually are because I was living with my parents and pissing about not getting anywhere in full-time education until I was 25

so if someone like has a degree or a Proper Job my personal frame of reference is "I didn't have either of those by 25 so surely they must be older than that" and my brain always reels a little when they turn out to have finished a degree at like 22 or something

@theoutrider yeah, I went from uni to living with my parents and working in a shop so any time a person has a job that needs a qualification I'm like "okay uni... plus five years of grunt probably a couple of years at the company's lowest they're like thirty?" and then it turns out the company hired them to be an aeronautical engineer based on their predicted degree results and they're twenty-two

@theoutrider I'm comfortably old enough for most people I meet online to be my kids, so I constantly have to make adjustments for differing frames of reference. I'm interested in other perspectives.
The downside is having to counter either unwarranted respect for my views owing to my broader experience, or those views being discounted because I'm a dinosaur.

@OutOnTheMoors masto has been an interesting experience on that front because I've run into a bunch of people here who (I think?) are a fair bit older than myself, when in most spaces I've been in online I've tended to be among the older end of the range

@theoutrider I think it attracts a wider spectrum because the older types (myself included) who are interested in social media beyond Facebook are disillusioned with the apparent belief on other platforms that everything is stupid, so that's how we should all behave.

@theoutrider My husband is the opposite: he was engaged (not to me, obvs) in his senior year of high school, and soon as he turned 18 that August he got married and moved off to The Big City. So he's way more accepting of son's dreams of moving out soonish where I'm more like "eh, give him five or ten years, he'll make it."

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