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The Island of Doctor Wan Wan @theoutrider

wholesome "unexpected cover of age ranges" experience I've had: watching an old guy, completely grey, tattered denim vest full of oldschool heavy metal patches, teaching a tiny kid no older than 3 or 4 how to throw the horns at Bloodstock Festival

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@Tom Bloodstock is kind of interesting because the organisers fully acknowledge they have audience who are a bit older with families etc - there's a dedicated quiet campsite that's separate from the main camp that's intended primarily for those kind of people, and another one for people with RVs or caravans rather than tents

@Tom yeah it's also super nice for people who don't mind camping in a tent but just want to get some decent sleep because they're there to watch bands and not sit in the campsite getting drunk all day and night for the whole week

@Tom it also enabled this little story that I've told a few times now

@theoutrider oh my god this is such a "festival" experience.

@Tom what gets me about "ONWARDS" is that it's 1000000% in character, refusing to break out of the Manowar Raiding Party theme even when an actual problem happens

@theoutrider I feel like music festivals take place in alternate dimensions where things just work slightly differently

@Tom sometimes I'm a bit sad that I've not really had the spoons to go for a few years, I've had good times but at the same time I've got other important things to spend my time and holiday days on these days too