design talk though: I love that the Myst games use careful exploration and observation of your surroundings as their most core loop - you encounter puzzles through it, you find clues for them through it, and your reward for solving puzzles is normally access to new places to explore

this means the single most important thing is to not rush it and really take your time taking in what's around you and playing around with any interesting things you see

@thefishcrow yeah same

I love that aspect too, the fact that the puzzles being arcane means people will have ended up with notes and sketches and diagrams which also fits in so well with the game's aesthetic and themes

@theoutrider @thefishcrow I'm a big fan of the games too, and I love the arcane scrawls and sketches I generate alongside a playthrough. :-)

@theoutrider I'm a UX designer and I was just talking about this last week after finding out a designer coworker is a big Myst fan too. I honestly think in some ways Myst and things like it are responsible for me being a UX designer; the way they do hinting and affordances really got my brain going about how we interact with the built environments around us.

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