A reminder that this Black Friday, rather than putting on an enormous sale, @itchio will be donating their entire revenue share from all sales on the site to a pair of LGBTQ+ and climate change charities

@theoutrider @itchio they sound like the Bandcamp of games to me :) Never used them, because I'm not a big a big video game player, but this motivates me to buy a couple :)
Is it all DRM-free? Know of any great GNU/Linux open source game I should try?

@caff @theoutrider wowy here we go there's my next 5 years of gaming sorted! Cheers :)

@stragu @theoutrider

That's just games I've either played and liked, or have heard good things about.

There's a ton of great free and paid games on itch! :) Enjoy! (Also, lots of Linux-compatible games)

@caff @theoutrider brilliant, I just installed the client and I'm liking it more than Steam! Love the GNU/Linux support and the space for customisation :)

@fasterthanlime great to know! Liking it more and more! :)
Cheers for letting me know.

@theoutrider @itchio meanwhile Good Old Games is off making offensive and lazy jokes about trans people

@Nine @itchio I love that there are developers in the comments saying they'll set their revshare to 100% for itch on Friday as well <3

@Nine @itchio (which is to say, 100% of their sales will go to itch and thus to charity)

@Nine @theoutrider @itchio's ecosystem is among the best ones i have seen in videogam universe, if not *the* one.

@noiob @Tom @theoutrider

Did it. Took forever to deal with Paypal but I now have a copy. That I fully expect to be some kind of elaborate prank.

@Tom @suetanvil @theoutrider yeah pretty sure someone made a computer and was like "finally we have this super powerful tool to solve problems" and someone else was like "but what if we don't"

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