House Flipper is popular because it lets millennials experience what it might be like to have a place where you're allowed to put things up on the walls and maybe even paint, rather than oppressive rental contracts allowing nothing at all

@theoutrider that and its also just a really comfy simulator game

@pupy I do find it a little amusing how much the design of the minigames gives away where the developers' own DIY experience lies

all of the plumbing stuff is super detailed while tiling is "this works just like paint, right"

@pupy also this seems to be just an inherent thing with decorating tbh

like my mum literally makes redecoration plans as a hobby, used to do it with cut-out bits of paper for furniture and now uses Sweet Home 3D on their computer

@pupy similarly throughout my teenage years I would periodically get an itch to just rearrange the furniture in my room, and eventually just went and did it about once a year

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