@theoutrider I am torn between wanting to join in and also wanting to shoot you with a huge gun

@theoutrider @pastelbat @Tom @candle @Nach ded dwarf

(sidenote: I can't believe patrick stewart saw red dwarf and thought at first it was a rip off of star trek. dude, space called and you aren't the only ones allowed to do space ok?)

@Nach @theoutrider it's a shame there's already a porn version of flash gordon 'cos that would be a pretty decent name for one lol

@theoutrider did u ever see my edit of the NETFLIX red splash screen into NEELIX

the Joke is that neelix and netflix are both bad

@theoutrider at least you did it right, where it was the first word. Some heretics were doing like, Bloyster Oyster Coyster for blue oyster cult which had me screaming

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