In Runescape, the name of an ingame item must be at least three characters long.

The German word for "egg" is "Ei". So we translated the one egg item in the game as "Hühnerei", "chicken egg".

We did not realise until people made confused/amused forum posts that snake type enemies also have a chance to drop an egg.

@theoutrider That's almost as good as snakes in Everquest being able to kick.

@Caelyn the German translation for Everquest 2 translated "juvenile" as "childish". This worked okay until players encounter the Juvenile Wolf enemy

@Caelyn also, a wise old man character described as a "sage" ended up having a herb as his occupation in the German version

@theoutrider One of my favourite German-English translation quirks is the literal translation of the German word for the padded foam swords used in LARP being "upholstered weapon."

@Caelyn I'm a big fan of the juvenile wolf thing, mental images of packs of wolves hanging around at the corner giggling at dick jokes

@theoutrider did you post that before? I distinctly recall having seen this post before. Anyways snakes eat eggs and they swallow them whole (though only specific snakes do and well, they crush it after eating). I think snakes in RE4 have a chance to drop chicken eggs

@noiob I think RE4 just gives you generic eggs

Anyway I may have posted this before, yes

@noiob like in the English version of Runescape snakes just drop "egg" and it just happens to be the same item, internally, as the eggs you pick up from chicken farms, and the bizarre angle isn't really that obvious because they're all just "eggs"

But the minimum length requirement led to this becoming very obvious in the German translation

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