the single worst thing about cryptocurrencies is that they've given every shitty two-bit startup and major tech company the idea of running their own unregulated currency

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@theoutrider I think you're being too modest with the "single" qualifier.

@craigmaloney I mean there is the whole destroying the planet thing too

@theoutrider To be fair the startups have given up on it and it's just pure scammers doing it now.

@WAHa_06x36 if only, was it Amazon who've just announced they'll let people choose to get paid in company scrip?

@theoutrider @pastelbat This is mostly Facebook being late to the party that has already ended because the cops are rolling in to break it all up.

@theoutrider just like battle royales gave every single studio the idea of making their own microtransaction-addled twist in the wxtremely narrow concept

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