~ sudo kate '/usr/share/speech-dispatcher/conf/speechd.conf'
Executing Kate with sudo is not possible due to unfixable security vulnerabilities.


@SinaCutie is kdesu still a thing? doesn't seem to exist on Solus at least...

@theoutrider Figures. I have many thoughts on Solus' team, as it used to be my main distro until I butted heads with them and what they will/will not allow in their repo.

Because sudo is there, they won't add gksu, kdesu, etc., because they "do the same thing" (I had this with pidgin/empathy/gajim)

fwiw, kdesu is available to me in Gentoo.

@SinaCutie I'm half tempted to switch to elementary at the moment, partly because it still runs a kernel old enough that it would work with my MBAir's NVMe SSD without me having to keep an ancient release version around :D


@SinaCutie (also I should note you recommending it was what brought me to Solus a couple years back! :D

@theoutrider I wouldn't have changed my recommendation, I think! It definitely serves a purpose, even though the garden-style repository leaves much to be desired.

Elementary is also a good alternative. :)

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