I'd previously mumbled about how growing up in post-WW2 Germany is a bit weird because construction work keeps turning up unexploded bombs and everyone just kind of goes "oh, okay, another one of those"

there was one found in Nuremberg again yesterday but when searching for news reports about it I'm just finding other articles about one found in February (also in Nuremberg)

here's a screenshot of the "related articles" bit from one of them

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it's KIND OF WEIRD to think that Germans just grow up knowing that there's *literally tons* of explosives buried around the towns they live in that MIGHT blow up at any point especially if disturbed but they probably won't so it's just kind of taken as a fact of life

@theoutrider It gets slightly less common by now, but there's still some each time an urban area is (re-)developed (there was another one in Frankfurt just yesterday).
At least for the planned bombings there's photo material from the allied reconnaissance, and checking for those in the archives is part of the process for every building permit in affected areas.

@galaxis @theoutrider yet things like that tragic accident during constructions on the A3 near Aschaffenburg a few years ago still happen

@theoutrider never even thought about it tbh

though in Aachen it's way more common to find some Roman or medieval remains when digging somewhere, which is the point where you take a six-month break from whatever you're building and let the archeologists do their thing. At least a bomb is usually dealt with quickly

@theoutrider In Kiel they wanted to build a new bus terminal a while ago and they found not just the regular bombs, but also a forgotten bunker which stopped construction for *months* until they had gotten rid of it

@elomatreb @theoutrider they could've used the bombs to blow up the bunker… ah wait

@theoutrider there's a lake near my parent's house in southern jutland where a quarter of it is a fancy artificial sand-beach with bridge and stuff, and the rest of the lake is diving-forbidden because of possible unexploded WW2 bombs/grenades.

@theoutrider part of it is that the defusal teams are fortunately very good at not having the things accidentally blow so it's generally just "they defused it on the spot", "it wasn't dangerous anymore to begin with" or "they moved it somewhere safe and far away from people and exploded it there"

@theoutrider when I lived in Coventry for University an unexploded bomb would be found about once a year which always resulted in a lot of army turning up to do a controlled explosion and us being ushered to a safe distance with pints in hand by the police so we could watch.

@theoutrider just as true for Belgium. Three quarters of a century later and there's still unexploded bombs to be found.

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