I still hold that Annoyed Grunt is the tipping apex point of Mouth Moods, the point where it flips from mashing up vocal+instrument tracks from two different songs relatively straight to total de- and reconstruction, sampling stuff from a dozen or so different bits of audio and building something entirely new out of them

this is followed immediately by Bustin', which isn't actually a mashup but an edit which is built in a way that messes with your familiarity with the original

foregrounding the bassline which is there in the original but nowhere near as prominent so it sounds like the same thing but... "wrong"? and just generally constructing itself out of a lot of the less immediately obvious elements of the original song

after that it kind of returns to just mashing up two songs each relatively straight, until the reprise in Shit which again just completely dismantles a bunch of things and builds a new song out of the bits you recognise


Mouth Moods is a secret masterpiece of sampling/remix culture; in this essay I will etc etc

oh of course there's Wow Wow as well which again does the Bustin' thing of reassembling the entire song - though this time not messing with your familiarity but instead turning the lyrics into absurdist nonsense

a reminder that on the Soundcloud upload of the album, Stand By Meme, as the second successive song using the vocal track from One Week, had a comment within the first few seconds of someone just going "you fucking asshole"

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