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Wizard Laifu @theoutrider@mastodon.social

Just got reminded that the definitive edition of the German original of Neverending Story is no longer in print and that should be Fucking Illegal

it's got these lovely full-page illustrations for the first letter of each chapter and nice two-colour print to distinguish narrative in the real world and Phantasia and does things like this with it [spoilers] mastodon.social/media/YpuKs6Yc mastodon.social/media/0sLMVN5z

@theoutrider I was amazed when I read this book
(just checked, it's that exact edition)

@noiob I had the paperback as a child, then as a young teen inherited the hardcover from my brother but lost at some point after moving to the UK :( @bentosmile bought me another copy for my birthday a while back :)