I tag this as positive because it's likely to put a nontrivial damper on how exploitative Uber's business practices can be

(theirs, and those of other companies who are building their fortune on bypassing worker's rights legislation, minimum wage laws, etc)

@theoutrider You mean like several Asian countries have been doing for more than half a decade?

@theoutrider I mean I get it, but I never really understood how they aren't independent contractors. A lot of Lyft drivers are also Über drivers, and I'm not aware of many employment arrangements where it's cool to go work for your direct competitors five minutes after you finished working for your current job

@theoutrider you'll hear no argument from me that über is bad. I think they're business model largely relies on making sure their drivers don't understand their business model, because if it were clear I think they'd have fewer drivers. But at the same time, I think they are technically correct in claiming they don't have an employer-employee relationship with their drivers.

@nick_bundy well, yeah, and they've been trying hard to not technically make it one, because that would significantly impact their business model

the counter-argument is that in many ways they *do* have an employer-employee relationship, functionally if not formally, and so shouldn't be shirking the responsibilities that come with that as they please

@nick_bundy the problem, I think, is that employment legislation is at best poorly equipped to deal with this halfway state, and has at worst been watered down to allow a move towards it (eg. the UK retail sector's much-beloved zero-hour contracts which are a nightmare of insecurity and basically rely on benefits subsidising life for those who work in them)

@theoutrider Oooo I saw that on Twitter this morning, it is VERY good news!

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