If I understand this correctly, this is a paper about 3D printing physical objects, with no electronics, that send information over wifi.

ie, magic.

This is magic.


@ajroach42 also, I’m not sure why most of the comments on this have been pedantic hairsplitting over what qualifies as WiFi or what qualifies as electronics.

They use WiFi signals and the resulting modulated data can be read with a WiFi radio. That means they use WiFi, even though they aren’t sending packets.

The devices are unpowered, and basically just mechanical devices attached to cleverly built antenna. If you want to call an unpowered antenna electronics that’s fine. I don’t.

Either way this has the potential to dramatically change the way low/no powered sensors are built and deployed, which has the potential to be revolutionary.

Save your pedantry and your hottakes for someone else.


@ajroach42 the main issue I could see with this is longevity due to wear on the coil spring

@theoutrider yep! But the spring is made out of abs, and abs is super cheap.

When the spring wears out, you grind it up, extrude it in to new filament and print another, right?

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