I saw someone say Krita is on Mastodon now, but didn't link the account.

I've done a search in multiple clients and see that there are two accounts that look the same, both are krita @ mastodon.art.

Which is the real Krita?

(Attached a screenshot from Tusky for reference.)


@garrett ... no, viewing them in their actual profile (as in, mastodon.art/@Krita and mastodon.art/@krita) they appear to be the same account. Some kind of caching artifact?

@garrett yeah, the one that shows as lowercase in the search results is the same account but only has the first few toots+replies when viewed from over here.

This might be something @Gargron wants to look at...?

@theoutrider @garrett And this is why you never change usernames in the federation

@Gargron @garrett how does that even work

database fiddlery? or account deleted+recreated with uppercase?

@theoutrider @garrett yeah database modification. Can't blame Shane if he did this, i would have thought that changing the casing would not mess with anything either. I did think that, in fact. Looks like the problem is with activitypub URIs being case sensitive or something like that.

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