echoing what I said on Twitter: Serious Sam is a milestone in games as an art form for how deeply it embeds humor into its design, in a way very very few games ever do.

Serious Sam is true art, and I'll fight everyone who says otherwise

@theoutrider Which ones? I played "Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter" for a couple hours and I didn't think it was a bad game, but I don't remember anything super funny either.

@matt First Encounter/Second Encounter mostly. 2 could have been great but is instead terrible. 3 starts very slow but goes like a rocket once you reach the first boss

@matt I would point you at this little thread - this kind of stuff is *everywhere* in First/Second Encounter

@theoutrider Are first encounter and second encounter the same as 1 and 2? Do you know if anything's different between the originals and HD versions?

The moments you mention in that thread are very good but I don't remember anything except running around in circles and shooting monsters in Egypt or something. Maybe I didn't play long enough.

@matt First and Second Encounter are "1" (but were originally released as separate full games), 2 is the third game in the series and not very good.

First Encounter is set entirely in Egypt, Second Encounter covers three separate areas (South America, Babylon, and medieval Eastern Europe).

The HD ones are mostly just straight ports of first/second encounter, but missing a few small features (which are used for some pretty good gags, sadly).

@matt Second Encounter HD nowadays includes the entirety of First Encounter HD, they added that as part of a patch at some point

and yeah it is fundamentally just running backwards shooting hordes of screaming mooks, but it does build up its own little lexicon of gags as it goes on - unless the core loop is a turnoff I would recommend giving it a good bash for a while longer

@matt I do think Second Encounter on the whole is the better game of the two; the added variety from the different themed areas helps and First Encounter gets a little sloggy towards the end at times which 2 mostly avoids

@matt ALSO I extremely recommend playing with the Gore option in Options > Game set to Hippie or Kids:

@matt it's also well worth keeping an eye out for secrets as you go - mostly they're just small niches with some powerups in but there's a lot of small side gags tying into them, as well as two secret levels

@theoutrider (not trying to be a contrarian jerk, sorry if it's coming across that way, I just wanna know which are the best ones to play when I give them another shot)

@matt it isn't, and I appreciate that the core "here's a giant pile of screaming clowns to pop" mechanic does not appeal to everyone

@matt First Encounter is a little gentler on the difficulty curve than TSE so if you're not a seasoned FPS person I would suggest stick with 1 to start with

I think TSE is probably the slightly better game of the two because of the increased variety but it gets quite busy quite quickly

@matt TFE mixes up the level designs later on but the general Egyptian theme sticks around to the end which might get boring

@theoutrider The people behind Serious Sam seem to be fun people, as exemplified by things like I Hate Running Backwards.

But also serious and dedicated people, as exemplified by how they still port and update their engine (also to Linux) even though it's not used by any other developer's products, and how they aim to support fledgling Croatian developers with their incubator.

I hope Serious Sam Fusion will be a great success, I know I'm buying it.

@theoutrider 👍im a drama/open world fc2 type gamer fan and i agree and luv me some serius sam word

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