I've spent an eternity browsing this shop and I don't even need dice for anything...

It's just like...
"OHGOSHLOOK! Omnifarious faceted objects in varied colours, opacity and finishes and they have NUMBERS on them, eeeeEEEE!!!" 💖💖💖


Oh just admit it! You were laughing at my face as you pushed me down this rabbithole and called "Say hi to gravity from me!" as I fell~


@theoutrider Oooo! Shinny!! — I'll never give up RPGs so long as there are shinny polyhedrals.

@rocketroom I've not even played or GMed in years but they were so pretty I just had to

they also have them in rainbow which I'm similarly tempted by

@theoutrider These are the ones that I keep lusting after. It's a sickness.

@theoutrider These are pretty awesome too. I think I might need a set for every mood?

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