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I've spent an eternity browsing this shop and I don't even need dice for anything...

It's just like...
"OHGOSHLOOK! Omnifarious faceted objects in varied colours, opacity and finishes and they have NUMBERS on them, eeeeEEEE!!!" πŸ’–πŸ’–πŸ’–


Oh just admit it! You were laughing at my face as you pushed me down this rabbithole and called "Say hi to gravity from me!" as I fell~


@theoutrider Oooo! Shinny!! β€” I'll never give up RPGs so long as there are shinny polyhedrals.

@rocketroom I've not even played or GMed in years but they were so pretty I just had to

they also have them in rainbow which I'm similarly tempted by

@theoutrider These are the ones that I keep lusting after. It's a sickness.

@theoutrider These are pretty awesome too. I think I might need a set for every mood?