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also Jeff Bridges in King Kong (1976) certainly has One Hell Of A Fuckin Look going on

I could keep going, there's literal DECADES of of these things coming out once a month

the stories also feature entirely new characters, such as a Literal Heckin' Witch who's trying to steal Scrooge's lucky dime

basically, if you think Duck Tales got far out sometimes, you ain't seen nothin'

in these stories, Mickey Mouse is also a private detective who helps out the Duckburg police with tough cases

in Germany, that aspect ended up getting its own Gritty spin-off in the 90s, aimed at young teenagers

Reminded on Twitter (twitter.com/snakepixel/status/) that continental Europe has a long running series of manga-format(ish) story collections using Disney characters and that shit gets fuckin wild at times

tbt when Apple accidentally announced an East Coast Thrash Metal album

Reminder of these proud young parents who gave their son and daughter the best worst names

I thought this was what happened when Fire Emblem on the DS gave everyone tiny feet as a style thing

noticed a fun thing about Mass Effect Andromeda's reflections: characters stop them working both below and even above them (note the space between Ryder's head and shoulders, and the gap in the "VORTEX" reflection above her head)

also a related reminder that this is an academic textbook

was looking for good screenshots of Mass Effect's lens flares and found this

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