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The Island of Doctor Wan Wan

a reminder of Pantera's first studio album, when they were a glamrock band and before they rebooted as a thrash metal setup

also a reminder of this all-time classic from IGN

some highlights from the often tacky, often nice, and sometimes utterly baffling world of themes for Xiaomi phones

I like that Twitter puts your display name into the "To" header in emails to you

also a reminder that the OG Xbox port of Serious Sam First+Second Encounter (both rolled into a single continuous game as just "Serious Sam") is generally pretty mediocre, but:

a) has good gamepad support+controls and splitscreen (though sadly no co-op mode)
b) has score number popups on enemies as you kill them
c) has unbelievably much better HUD typography/iconography that adds *so much* to the aesthetic

also Boots have these extremely good buns rn

reminder of this magnificent bit of vandalism on Giant Bomb's wiki page for David Cage

a friendly creature chilling in a neighbourhood garden

the BBC News web team would be impressed with headline writing this poorly thought out

[vague body horror I guess maybe?] oh my g