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The Island of Doctor Wan Wan

@djsundog like a sushi restaurant but for random stuff people o longer need

@SilviaFox I think that was specifically why originally masto did the whole thing of adding a period to image-only posts, for compatibility reasons

@Tom and most of the better prompts in that to bounce off Pilkington come from Merchant while Gervais's parts are mostly just [laughs obnoxiously]

@Tom I'm still grouchy about ~the Ricky Gervais Show~ in which Gervais is actually the least important or funny person, in that it's him and Merchant throwing ideas at Karl Pilkington who's doing the actual funny bits

@Tom Stephen Merchant isn't actually that funny send toot

@puppy I will warn you that 3 starts off pretty slow, the opening act is a bit boring but once you hit the first boss it goes like a rocket

@puppy what frustrates me the most about 2 is that the level *concepts* are actually great, but the actual execution of the game is Just Shit

shit jokes, racist accents, none of the level design fun bits from First/Second Encounter, etc

@puppy I love the cartoony HUD font and the score popups on enemy deaths in particular

@puppy Serious Sam 2 is mostly not great because it gets all the humor wrong and the writing is shite tbh

@puppy also did you see the HUD from the OG Xbox version I linked to the other day because *grabby hands motion*

@puppy Hippie is still all flowers and fruit, Kids is candy and sparkles

@puppy Hippie and Kids' are two separate modes, Hippie still exists in the HD versions, Kids is an addition reminder of this magnificent trailer for the Serious Sam HD releases that Devolver put together when they took over publishing for Croteam

@puppy I love that the "blood" particles in Kids' mode change colours every frame so you end up with Fuckin Sparkles even

@puppy plus, Hippie Gore mode is The Fuckin Best

or in the later revisions, Kids mode

a reminder of Pantera's first studio album, when they were a glamrock band and before they rebooted as a thrash metal setup