one of the best things about Slime Rancher is that it gave us the word "plort"

@Elizafox @devurandom it took me way too long to parse it as tsund-airplane, I kept reading it as tsunder-plane which isn't nearly as good a pun your regular reminder that I fuckin' love Blood Stain Child, at their best they're absolutely everything I want out of my death metal

watching Blue Planet and I'm wondering about the amount of foley work that's gone into these things

@elomatreb @jackofallEves also presumably in part because DE tech policy is often clunky at best and baffling and incomprehensible at worst, hashtag Neuland

Fucking kills me that we aren't over hedgy shitlord F*mily G*y humour when Bryn is out here making jokes about *batteries* that are making me laugh so hard I'm actually welling up.
Good comedy punches up, but reeeeally good comedy makes no fucking sense and we all know it

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booked an airbnb for my parents to stay in when they visit this weekend and amused to find it's a lot closer than I thought, literally right across the road from the cul de sac leading to our place

@garrett they need to run each one in their collection regularly to make sure they don't deteriorate

@soft_chomps very brave of Bethesda to put the metacritic rating they were expecting right in the title

@codl @Jo (and if I remember my SA days right it stands for "Your Other System is a Piece Of Shit")

@rach fuck it, just stick your face in there, s'what it's for

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