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I have a custom shell script on my laptop called "sshproxy" for tunnelling everything through an ssh connection to home when I'm away, except I keep misspelling it as "sshpoxy"

which is also true I guess

reminder that Red Faction Guerrilla's ostrich hammer weapon was originally an april fool's joke by Volition but people were so excited about the idea they ended up actually making it happen

also it better keep the co-op mode because that shit was aces

the RF Guerrilla remaster better not lock the ostrich hammer behind multiplayer challenges this time around

reminder that the real theme song for Burnout Paradise is Avril Lavigne's "Girlfriend"

amused at the persistence of the "has been secretly replaced by a lookalike" conspiracy theory when it comes to musicians

from Paul McCartney to Andrew WK to Avril Lavigne

one of my favourite bits of stage banter:

"people always say say the strongest muscle in the human body is the heart

they're wrong

the strongest muscle in the body

is your ASS"

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full disclosure: I will remain an Other M apologist to the bitter end

I loathe the barely-coherent bumbling attempts at storytelling in it but it plays *fantastically* well and the general story arc could probably have been really good if it was competently delivered?

that fuckin riff he just noodles off during the intro as well in related wholesomeness, here's Kreator's Mille Petrozza explaining metal on German children's TV

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