If I have a vice, and obviously I don’t*, it’d have to be the Sinful Dark Vegan.

Dark hot chocoate without stomach pains? Hell yes.

(* Please ignore all my other vices. Especially the one where I bought a computer completely forgetting I’d ordered one just days before.)

@thepatrick Oops! That does sound like something you’d do though. 😜

@thepatrick that’s quite impressive. What computer did you order and what one had you forgotten about ?

@canllaith I ordered (and forgot about) the hades canyon nuc (20% off!). And then between order it and it arriving walked in to an Apple store and bought a MacBook Pro (10% off 😀)

@canllaith I have, however, sold 2 computers (Xiaomi Air 13” & my 2016 MacBook Pro), and disassembled my Ryzen gaming pc to sell off most of the parts (keeping the case & psu for a future build)

@thepatrick that’s pretty good then ! I want to upgrade my 2013 RMBP this year to the new ones that just came out. I also want to upgrade the home solution but I might give my current nuc a synology as mostly I want more disk.

I like that the synology is just Linux software raid so I can recover it myself if necessary.

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