Does an app exist that will allow me to connect my turntable, using the lightning to USB dongle, and then send the audio to airplay speakers?

Like I want Airfoil, but on iOS (I’m happy to dedicate an iPod touch to this - I want a self contained device including UI).

@thepatrick Have you got a Line-level or Phono-level turntable (i.e. do you have a pre-amp)? I feel like if you have a Line-level source, you could then simply AirPlay that to anywhere else? The Sonos Connect will do this task in hardware, but not sure about AirPlay support...

@Shaun_R it’s switchable - but also has a USB interface built in.

Right now I have it plugged in to a play:5 in the bedroom. No airplay support there though (sonos can send it to the playbase & play:1s, but I’d rather send it to the HomePods)

@thepatrick Hmm, with a USB interface you could run it through a Mac and output on AirPlay, right? But idk if an iOS solution exists for that

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