@JulzM I know! There’s only so much time each day and I find the evolving process so annoyingly time consuming :/

@tk my most recent PC had so few cables (nvme ssd, no optical drives) it was almost anti climactic to put together. (Of course the case was a nightmare to work with so kind of made up for it)

@dubh so much better than pulling out a physical card like some kind of animal! Very happy I get to go back in a couple of weeks (personal trip this time, so hopefully even more photographs)

And now for a photo. People may love the Pixel 2, but I remain in love with the 2x lens on the iPhone.

Ok, Tusk doesn’t appear to let you set a description on the image though :( (close up photo of blossom against a pleasingly blurred background)

Howdy again folks. Tusk has come along nicely as a mastodon client since I last tooted.

@ccgus I’ve done that - you end up with a C++ glue layer. It’s... better than it was, using the newer APIs, but I wasn’t trying to do dynamic dispatch (I knew up front all the methods/classes I wanted to expose)

@Shaun_R it’s switchable - but also has a USB interface built in.

Right now I have it plugged in to a play:5 in the bedroom. No airplay support there though (sonos can send it to the playbase & play:1s, but I’d rather send it to the HomePods)

Does an app exist that will allow me to connect my turntable, using the lightning to USB dongle, and then send the audio to airplay speakers?

Like I want Airfoil, but on iOS (I’m happy to dedicate an iPod touch to this - I want a self contained device including UI).

👋 Melbourne, it’s been lovely but it’s back to Sydney I go.

@sitharus I had a delightful setup with a turntable & dongles to connect through my sonos playbar, but then homepods took over the space where the turntable was and now I don’t know where to put it :

I need to figure out a way of bringing in images from Instagram to mastadon. One caveat: I don’t want every image. Maybe I can rig something up with ifttt & a hashtag or something?

@aleen I always suspected you were too awesome to be human.

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From a business perspective I can't make a case for a Don app yet. We've got too much other stuff on our plates.

If there's enough interest I can set up a Patreon for me to get something ported up to MVP level over nights and weekends.

Note: Any actual app would be paid, likely subscription based (not a fan of them but makes sense here for various reasons).


@jellybeansoup I don’t understand how KFC don’t make better nuggets. It’s like... chicken is their thing yet somehow someone thought their nuggets were good enough.

I’d like it if they made nuggets wrapped in the wiked wings coating though. That would get me excited.

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